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What is SKRAPS?

Have you ever wanted to just use your loose change and quarters to go to a savings account? Here's a solution that will do exactly that.

What's more? Your loose change savings will form a portfolio of crypto. Sounds too good to be true but this is definitely possible. With a lot of ICOs promising seemingly impossible yet innovative solutions, Skraps stands out for its simplicity.

How do I get SKRAPS?

This is not investment advice but a tip for people who want to save their loose change but can never get to it.

At the time of writing it is currently only on the 4th out 13 rounds of sales. The final round with no discount starts on the 9th of February and ending on the 15th of February. The base price is set at $0.45 so I hurried to catch that discount. If you're interested you can join the pre-sale. Through this link you will receive a 5% purchase bonus including the discount shown below.


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