The Cryptocurrency Upward Bullish Trend Has Started

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Bitcoin has reached the bottom


The last two days on the cryptocurrency market were spectacular and the positive momentum seems to have started. According to Pantera Capital, one of the larger crypto hedge funds, now is a very good time to buy BTC. They are convinced that the bottom has been reached and that the value of BTC can only increase in the coming months. The upward trend has started... Finally

The tide for cryptocurrencies seems to have turned when you look at the price tables. A lot of coins have increased in value over the past few days with 'double digits'. Pantera Capital Management claims that the 'leading' Bitcoin, and thus indirectly the entire crypto market, has reached its bottom.


They advise to go 'long' on BTC because in their opinion the price increase of the past few days will not immediately stop. Purchasing advice from Pantera Capital Management can be taken seriously since they have given only three purchase recommendations and one recommendation since their exposure to BTC in 2014. They are therefore not reckless and lavish with their advice.

The end of the bear market

If they are right, it could mean that the worst is yet behind us. Many investors wondered when the crypto market would reach the bottom. Pantera Capital dares to say with great certainty that the bear market is effectively coming to an end.

The price of the BTC has broken the psychological 200-day trend line. Although not every day will turn green, they expect crypto to continue to rise for the rest of the year. Pantera even claims that the record price of $ 20,000 could be destroyed.

This is, of course, a very optimistic analysis, but if we see rising prices in the coming months, it seems quite plausible. Especially when there is a lot of institutional money flowing into the market and private investors continue to surf on the green buying wave as a result of 'FOMO'.




Enjoy the low prices and pick up some cheap coins, expand and diversify your portfolio. The prices will probably increase during the months to follow.

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This is very good news wow and to think not long ago this year we were seeing a lot of bad news for the way things were going for many of the coins and now there is a turn around. Hmm I believe I remember you mentioning somewhere in a past blog that predictions were they would start picking back up again around spring and summer and well look at what is happening that very thing.

Exactly naglfar... Now let's hope this positive momentum continues, already looking forward to reaching ATH ^^

Wow ma man! Loving the news about that for sure. How have you been Max?! I've been off for a while need to interact more like in the good'ol days.

Hey Gabby, I'm really good actually but also still very busy now that I work my ass off... :-)
Trying to find more time to publish content.
How are you?

I don't blame you for not interacting that much anymore... We are busy people ;)
Good to hear something from you again!

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