Affiliate marketing with Quora

The progress and success of online businesses are hinged on how best one advertises the business. There are many platforms to make a business known. Some people choose for paid platforms, others opt for free sites. However, having both platforms will help. When I joined the online business, I was virtually financially broke, thus I opted for free advertisement. The pace was slow but I managed. With time I engaged in paid advertisement. However, I have kept the paying alternative at a lower level. Of my free advertisement platforms, I respect Quora.

Quora offers that platform. Quora is one of the best online question and answer forums. People with passions for certain things get there and get clarification. The main area I have seen at Quora is of “Money Making” on internet. Issues to deal with marketing blogging and business are also topical. Some people who go there are hungry for information and the readership is great. I am so visible on the internet, but I have never had a greater readership anywhere than on Quora. I posted one of my articles and within a month I got 14 000 views. This could seem very low to others, but to me is the greatest I have got recently. This translates to about 2 000 views per day, on average. Guys, figures do not lie.
The other thing I like at Quora is that you address your right audience. I write about cryptocurrency and online business. I have seen great readership there. Another advantage of Quora is that your information can still be accessed over a long period of time, over a year. Quora also gives you the room to be an authority in your own niche. Each day I receive a number of questions I have to answer for the readers.

This post is not there to teach you how to be a star on Quora, but to enable you to see the opportunity in this platform. My short advice is never to spam. If you spam Quora will block your articles. Include details on what you are discussing. Maintain a reasonable minimum number of words for your article, say 500 words, which is my norm. However, the longer it is the better. It is best to include just one link in the article.

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