"Don’t leave your bitcoins on an exchange" - when I don't follow it?

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago (edited)

Everyone says that, but I assume at least 80% of people does not follow it.

In general that is very smart advice and you should follow it if you are long term investor.

I don't follow it when I buy coins for short term. Why? Because you I would loose a lot of money and time for transfer my coins between my software wallet and bittrex/poloniex or whatever exchenge you use.

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Proof? Have a look how much I had to pay for a transfer - $25!! (sic!). Of course I didn't do it and I was waiting until mining fees dropped, however that amount is still RIDICULOUS. That was September 1st.


At the moment, Exodus wallet want's me to pay $5.34 and I still believe it's sick amount of money to pay. I understand we have to pay mining fees, but... rly?

So I decided to switch to different wallet - Jaxx (it's cheaper than exodus) but ultimately i will go for hardware one - I have checked with many people and they usually have to pay much less fees than software wallets.


There is one rule I always follow - to turn on 2 factor authentication. You think you are safe until something will happen. Don't risk - turn this damn 2FA. You will waste probably 20seconds more to log in, but you will be much more safer with that kind of security.

As always - whatever you do it's your decision. I would be happy if YOU will find my advice useful. I spent a lot of time on research on different topics and I will be happy to share my knowledge with other. Your @thanks@ means more to me than you think.