Step By Step How To Vote For EOS Block Producers

in cryptocurrency •  5 months ago

In this video I share with you a step by step process on how to vote for EOS block producers. Check out the launch offer for my new course The Master Cryptocurrency Trader at:

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Great tutorial but being honest, this is a reason why mainstream adoption will take time to grow. The ability for many individuals to understand these processes without making a mistake or falling into a scam along the way makes the experience difficult and will lead to many not participating in the process which I personally find gratifying.

I saw this on YouTube earlier, great information and very easy to follow along step by step. Thanks a lot Chris, I'm sure some block producer groups out there would be interested in having you on board if it's not something you've already thought about, I know there are a few UK based ones...

I used this method over the weekend, it has a few issues tbh. The easiest way I have found is by using the tool written by greymass, but as @marketingmonk said, each to their own.


You are quite right. However following my process sets you up to use many EOS apps, not just for voting.


Agreed, absolutely not digging at you sir, just an observation and a nudge​ to get these votes coming in :-)


P.S, I just bid on the EOS account name cryptoverse. If I win I will transfer the ownership to you sir.


Second vote here for the Greymass tool. I voted initially via Scatter and EOSphere but having explored the tool from Greymass it seemed the most friendly for the masses

Very nice.. thanks for sharing my friend

@marketingmonk this will grow up step by step. And will be supportive for all its users.

Thank you for teaching me step by step how to vote Eos BPs, it's important and useful information, I like to see and give comment on your video because you quickly respond and appreciate every comment

Does any-one want to make a :I-Voted-For-EOS-Block-Producers-Meme?

I really enjoyed your post and it's very informative. Can you please write about tron it will help alot