Response To Questions About EOS Voting And Private Keys

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In this video I deliver on my promise to respond to some of the questions about my step by step guide to voting for block producers. Check out the launch offer for my new course The Master Cryptocurrency Trader at:

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My step by step guide to voting for block producers:

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I talked to Exodus a couple of days ago and they said they will support the new EOS when it's stable. They just don't have a date as of yet. I will probably hold out until I can sweep it into their wallet system. Thanks for the info!!!

Thanks Chris, always loving your market updates and awesome training tips!.
As I only have one EOS public and private key, think I am going to use the Greymass appliction to enter my private key into - use this as my "savings" wallet and then create another wallet inside Greymass and move a portion of the EOS into it so it acts as a "current" account (for sending to and from the exchange for trading). The Greymass looks like it will have support for displaying airdrops in coming releases.
For me the Scatter, like you said can be used to interact with EOS apps and I plan to use this as another psuedo "current" account for online usage.


I ended up voting using Scatter following your instructions and then when I created an account with Greymas and entered my private key, it confirmed my votes there as well!

How do we give you our proxy vote? I like how you tick so happy to follow your lead :)

I still have only registered my EOS, and I can not find a simple answer for the safest wallet to use my EOS private key in. The goal is still to hold on a bit longer, but start getting used to whatever wallet is chosen. I am a bit nervous with Scatter as Chrome doesn't thrill me.

What is the safest,easiest wallet in your estimation?


The main problem is worrying about screen scrapers (malware that takes screen shots of your passwords as they are entered), or key loggers if you passphrase is masked. Zemana antilogger will encrypt your keystrokes in Windows. Mac software doesn't seem to have a real solution, maybe because the existence of key loggers is more rare.

Great video @marketingmonk - following you now and am very glad to have stumbled across you. Question: assuming you have registered tokens, is the EOS private key the same as the ethereum based EOS token key?

I’m guessing they issued all registered ethereum EOS wallet addresses with new public addresses during the launch. I’m still trying to figure out how the private keys transfer across to the new EOS network.


Sounds like another video I need to make there.

Actually there’s a way manipulating your vote by a man in the middle attack. The attacker could change the block producer name to his own before you sign it with scatter.