Top 10 Crypto News Stories 3rd October 2018

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse…
Top 10 crypto news stories in less than 20 minutes. This is a crypto news roundup for the 3rd of October 2018.
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Ripple Launches xRapid Product

Chrome Extensions Will Soon Protect Against Miners and Hackers

Spanish hardware hacker Ricardo Reis adapts a coke vending machine to accept Bitcoin Lightning payments

The Ratio Of Legal To Illegal Uses Of Crypto Has Flipped From 90/10 to 10/90

The highly anticipated Chintai app has been released

Coinbase could be on the verge of being reasonably valued at $8b

CFTC Chairman Chris Giancarlo Does Not Believe Crypto Regulation Will Hold The US Back

A Bitcoin Transaction Has Been Sent Via A Mesh Network

The Recently Discovered And Now Fixed Bug In Bitcoin Codebase Is Starting To Be Exploited In Other Coins That Use The Bitcoin Codebase Considers Stepping in to Prevent Voting Cartels Among 21 EOS’s Block Producers

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Development in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency projects continue to progress as capital is added to support the projects. Despite not reaching the underlying assets, the investments of capital should provide the improved infrastructure to drive the challenges of adoption like security, custody and user interface to a better place which would ultimately results in increased demand.

You have to give that bitcoin Coke machine inventor an A+ for effort. LOL! It works!!! Thanks for all the info! Good day!

Just discovered your channel, love it! I'm always looking for a quick hit of crypto news to stay on top of things.

So you like this rapid fire format?

Yes, I have lots of sources of news I follow, so the quicker the hit, the better. If I can watch/listen while my coffee is brewing, all the better!

I liked this new quick format that allows you to cover multiple news in a relatively short time. Keep it up, Chris!

Why crypto market is in worst position?

We are just in that part of the cycle. Like winter comes after autumn, autumn comes after summer, and summer comes after spring etc.

So which one is the best time to invest? Spring autum or winter? Yo 😊

Always plant in the spring and harvest in the autumn.

And when plantation season of bitcoin is starting?

Man, I love your videos! Always informative! I feel a fresh new course on Scatter might be good. I've been playing around with it and still can't figure it out.

Good video :D

@marketingmonk, those are cool. I wish to see what you'll have to say about DIGITEX FUTURES EXCHANGE. Have you heard about them? They're offering a zero commission on futures trading.

where CRYPTOCURRENCY going this year

Nobody can see the future, so that's not a question that can be answered. We can make predictions by looking at the past. There have been bear markets like this previously, some lasting longer than this one. They have all been followed by new all time highs. There's no guarantee that will happen this time but I'm happy to risk some of the money I can afford to lose. The market could carry on down further and I'll buy more if it does. This still feels like early days for cryptocurrency and some of these coins are likely to do well but you need to choose the right ones. Some are likely to fail. This isn't financial advice, always best to do your own research, then you don't need to ask this question.

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Same question 😊😊

Thanks for the update, I really wish you can check out Digitex Futures exchange as they are going to be the first futures exchange with zero commission fees and other quality services.
Read more On .

I hope it makes the next news.

One of the neatest new wrinkles I saw this week was Digitex Futures. They're built on the blockchain and issued their own token - DGTX. They're using it to eliminate all commission fees on futures trading. There's a few other features that the blockchain makes possible as well.
Here's the article I saw

and the Digitex website

This idea really intrigues me, I think it could really change the trading exchange environment.

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