How Much Would It REALLY Cost To Run CryptoKitties on EOS?

in cryptocurrency •  6 months ago

In this video I walk through the math on how much it would really cost to run CryptoKitties on EOS. Check out the launch offer for my new course The Master Cryptocurrency Trader at:

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That millionaire was only 54 years old. All the money in the world could not give him more time. Never take life for granted and live each day as if it's your last. Great info Chris.....Thanks!!!!

Great to see the potential that could be EOS as adoption increases. It seems to be a rather fierce competitor to Ethereum if developers create to its capabilities. Despite the recent concerns, it is truly a case on how mature the blockchain technology is getting in developing for the longer term.

Thanks a lot for another informative vlog. It's excellent how you break down the number and not only refute the FUD but also demonstrate how effective the EOS setup is.

I think the labor market is always in need for this type of innovation and also think this concept caters to this newer generation that will build out the blockchain. This also continues to show the potential of the disruptive nature of blockchain projects and EOS as a whole.

The community being created with the EOS launch seems to be inspired and great. i hope it could continue as speculators sell their holding leading up or after the launch. This is really a great test for the whole blockchain community so many should support it to be successful and it has implications for many other projects both short and long term.

Litecoin ha caído fuera del radar por muchos desde el anuncio de la falla de LitePay. Sin embargo, estoy de acuerdo en que el potencial de Litecoin como principal opción de pago es excelente. Es el principal activo que utilizo para obtener acceso a los activos en los intercambios dada la velocidad y el costo al usarlo. Espero con interés que Charlie Lee y el equipo realmente cumplan sus proyectos para llevarlos de nuevo al top 5.

i like the end of the video great job you are smart guy :)

So how exactly does Eos work? Is it just one coin, or are they going to have separate coins like Eos Power, and Eos backed Dollars? What would you say are the similarities and differences between Eos and Steem?

Thanks for the Eos..)

Love it, it is always fun when Reddit user's back peddle.

Also, the crypto kitties dev team could lease the tokens from holders at a lower than market price rate making it cheaper for them.

Will there be a paper wallet generator for EOS? Great info Chris Thanks!!!!

When Kyle said about a recruiting app I was thinking "That's something that doesn't need to be on the blockchain" and when he said about being paid to find a job I was almost cringing. However, after he broke it down in more detail it actually makes a lot of sense. It really goes to show how much of a paradigm shift blockchain is going to be! The challenge will be encouraging the talent and employers to come over and use Hirevibes, but with that kind of incentive structure I can't see why they wouldn't give it a go.


Is this another copied comment from a previous post? This user seems to keep regurgitating others' comments from the past.