The Truth About ICOs in 2018 and Beyond (DEEP DIVE)

in cryptocurrency •  5 months ago

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse…
I want to do a deep dive into the state of the ICO market and share some insights that lead me to believe we have the paradigm completely wrong and how we can correct it.
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Great insight and truly relevant information for what has been happening lately. One additional point I would bring is that you are referring to Utility tokens almost exclusively because there are now a number of ICOs for Securities tokens which would be more similar to the IPO market you discussed. These are securities and this require most of the regulatory oversight and compliance that many ICOs tried to sidetrack with their Utility approach. In all I think the innovation has come from the actual protocol providing the means to handle the process of matching funds fron people interested in projects to those looking for the funds to build the project. While crowdsourcing has always been around, it needed a 3rd party to manage whether it be a web-based platform or the traditional investment bankers. The platforms built now make it more efficient from a time and cost perspective for this process and that is why I think it is a evolution that will continue.

Great video Chris. I think the future of the ICO's is going to be DICO. Where the people backing up the project can vote and make decisions.

I agree. I only invest in ICO's that are good and useful for humanity. I'm not trying to get rich, but if I do it's OK! I just want to see everyone's life be enriched. Great tips and info in this video. One of your best! Thanks!!!!!!


I want to get rich BECAUSE I helped enrich humanity. That's where I want the money to come from :)

An interesting way to look at it. I think there's too much concentration on people who already have money making more from crypto when they have potential to help those who have very little. Steem is a good case of this. Greed is a powerful force. I've seen a lot of it here, but I'm not going to name names


I love Steem but feel very sad about the state of things. I'm talking about abuse of the rewards pool. It only takes one look at the trending page.


I mostly ignore the worst abuse as it needs the whales to deal with it. I'm happy with what I earn and the interaction I get. I wonder how things will change if/when it can grow to millions

the creation of crypto is to replace fiat, not all but partially at lease, but mostly people are using it for money making. totally defeat the initial purpose of crypto as whole.

The ICO's have been like buying a lotto ticket. Most of them don't do what they promise, some of them do but still trade below their ICO price and a few do very well. I think they'll have to change, as they wont get interest in the current market. I'd rather wait and see if they can deliver their MVP and get on an exchange with a bit of volume.


Did you see this video about an ICO concept that solves a lot of the problems you mentioned:


Yes, I did see that. I think there should be a group that issues some basic principles for ICO's and if they don't stick to them, it should be a red flag to anyone thinking of investing. Self regulation by people in the community would be better than government regulations, as they don't work.

I saw this GCOX acm coin lately ,its quite promising
Anyone heard it before ?can you give me any opinion about it?


Doesn't interest me at all. Why would celebrities want to use their token? If they're interested in crypto, they could make their own token. If they aren't interested in crypto, they would want to be paid in fiat. 1 billion tokens total supply and you have to pay $0.60 per token? Seems like a crazy price. It will probably be a big success now :)


hemmmmm i'm not sure they are interested or not.Also i don't what they are thinking since i'm not celeb.
For the price thou i think its quite ok for 0.6 usd per coin.Well for what i see in the 1st tranche it is a success thou


0.60 usd seems a lot when I've seen coins with similar total supply going for 0.01

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Lol...0.01 i think is shit coin ...