Goodbye To EOS Content On The Cryptoverse

in cryptocurrency •  6 months ago

In order to achieve a win/win I have setup a second channel called EOS Tips which is dedicated to EOS content. This way it won't clutter up the main channel. Learn how blockchain technology works or how to make and save money with cryptos at

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A great way to resolve a issue with EOS haters and lovers. Your videos are very informative. Thank you.

Divide the Kingdom? You forked!

Seriously, that's quite the solution to the vexing problem.

Gotta' keep those customers satisfied.

I love your EOS content. Looking forward to seeing more of it.

Good idea! I like the EOS content but I can see why some may get annoyed. You are my favourite EOS shill! 😂

I have an EOS video request. During launch everyone’s active and owner key were set as the same key pair. This defeats the purpose of having an own and active key. Can you make a video to show how to change keys using scatter and genereos toolkit?

Two copies of this post on my feed. One flagged and one given a massive vote, by the same account! Steemit can be confusing sometimes :)

Great idea but you really should need to do this as the ultimate outcome of the success of EOS will impact the complete blockchain community as the technology continues to evolve from the learnings of many projects. Given the influence of the EOS community, it is imperative that anyone interested in the space maintain adequate knowledge of what they are doing.

That's a great analysis about eos..and great video providing about crypto..
Thanks for sharing this post..


@marketingmonk , Yes you are right but EOS is main source of Korean Blockchain, I have a confusion about EOS is why fast source why don't they use Bitcoin?

@marketingmonk why you support EOS?. But this EOS have great future

That’s nice to know and congrats @marketingmonk
Thanks for sharing. I have noticed now a days #EOS holders getting ditched by phishing attacks and losing their private key. Check here what kind of phishing mail they got and lost their #EOS private key.

Thank god. Take the rest of the cult with you. 😁

For the listeners using iTunes this is terrible news unless you plan to spawn an EOS podcast stream while you are at it!??

My view is you just tag the video clearly as being EOS centric and those not interested move along to the next video. Too hard? You wouldn't think so.

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