What do the main GitHub pages of the top 50 crypto-projects say? #2

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Two months ago I checked what the GitHub pages of the top 50 cryptocurrencies were saying. What is keeping the projects busy? Which programming languages are they using? I once again scraped the content of GitHub pages of these projects using a Python script. Here are the results:

April (26th) Top 10June (2th) Top 10
1. Ethereum (137x)1. Ethereum (59x)
2. Blockchain (85x)2. Blockhain (59x)
3. Library (77x)3. Library (47x)
4. Client (70x)4. Bitcoin (45x) ⇧
5. Network (68x)5. Software (41x) ♦
6. Bitcoin (61x)6. Network (41x) ⇩
7. Javascript (55x)7. Desktop (37x) ♦
8. Tests (53x)8. API (37x) ⇧
9. API (53x)9. JavaScript (36x) ⇩
10. Wallet (52x)10. Client (32x) ⇩

Looking at the top 10 mentioned words, the top 3 looks exactly the same. Although the number of mentioning is decreased (this could be because off some pages were blocked), Ethereum is still mentioned the most, followed by Blockchain and Library. Bitcoin and API have gone up in the top 10, while Network, Javascript and Client have dropped. Software and Desktop are new in the top 10. Looking at the programming languages, besides JavaScript (36x), Python (22x), C++ (18x ), C# (9x), Solidity (7x) and Java (7x) are mentioned. The projects seem to be working on: Network (41x), API (37x), Client (32x) and Wallet (28x).

I will be posting these updates more frequent, while the content of the GitHub pages seems to be changing quite fast. Next update will be in two weeks, until next time!

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