Golem Project Statistics and version upgrade @Beta 0.16.0

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Two months ago Golem was launched on the main net. This week a new version update was release, namely version 0.16.0. Also I kept downloading the statistics of the network and provided my laptop to the network. 

Golem 0.16.0 

Brass Beta 0.16.0 was released a couple of days ago, important to know is that a new way of cryptography makes the new version nog compatible with the previous version, so it is important to update. The update improves the general performance of the network. New features are that requesters can now determine the minimal performance of the providers. Also requesters can set different number of samples per pixel. Also the footer of the application has more details now, showing the number of nodes, but also the provider state, attempted tasks (error, timeout and success). Also links to GitHub and Golem Chat are added. It is now also possible to see the amount of GNT is locked and waiting. A more specific overview of the update can be found here: https://blog.golemproject.net/brass-golem-beta-0-16-0-7ed7ee2341b0 

Golem statistics 

The number of nodes is still growing, the main net now has already 11.151 nodes. The growth of the network still is around 2% per week, were is was 4-6% in the beginning. In total 215.167 tasks were processed , of which 199.615 (93%) completed, 7861 (3.6%) errored and 7691 (3.5%) were timed out. With the recent update, only 2.6% of the nodes runs the new software, still 20% is running version 0.15.1 and another 20% is running version 0.15.0. Further version 0.10.0 (15%) and 0.11.0 (12%) are used often. So there is still a long way to go before the rest of the network is using the most recent version.  


In the meantime I competed 22 tasks, 1 errored and 9 timed out. In total I confirmed 3.77 GNT, being 8 tasks I completed. Still 14 tasks need to get confirmed. Until next update!   

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