Golem Project statistics #2

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Last month Golem was launched on the Ethereum main net. In the meantime, I downloaded the Golem network data each week from https://stats.golem.network/show. Also, I kept testing the network being a provider, running Golem each time I was using my laptop. Time for an update of the statistics and other findings.  

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Golem statistics 

As we saw last time the number of nodes is still steadily growing, from 7565 nodes on the 11th of April to 10.728 on the 28th of May, an increase of 41%. But the network seems to be growing less fast then before. In the beginning the network was growing around 4-6% each week, the past 3 weeks the increase is around 2%. The test net is still showing the same pattern as the main net in growth. The number of CPU cores made available increased from 4.4 to 4.5. Looking at the operation systems, there is just a slight difference: Windows (70%, +1%), Linux (18%, -1%) and Darwin (12%). In total 194.850 subtasks succeeded (93%, -3%), 6.467 (3%) errored and 6.979 (3%) timed out. Of the 10.728 nodes, 20% is running the 0.15.0 version of Golem, 19% version 0.15.1, 15% version 0.10.0 and 13% version 0.11.0. Clearly not all the nodes run the latest version of Golem.  


The past weeks I launched the Golem application whenever is was on my laptop. At this point I finished 16 subtasks, worth a total of 4.2 GNT. In total only 5 subtasks were confirmed (when writing this update 3 subtasks were confirmed), worth a total of 2.07 GNT (1 dollar). Although I explained in my previous post that transaction can take up to 30 days to be confirmed (because of the batched transactions in order to reduce gass costs), some tasks were confirmed which were older than 30 days. Still 11 tasks are waiting to get confirmed. Until next update!  


how can i make money from golem

You make money by "renting" your cpu power to others on the network

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