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Existing networks suffer of a major problem: people think that networks like the bitcoin are totally mathematical, but its proper functioning depends on the behavior of blockcain's users.

The Tezos blockchain will underpin secure, decentralized applications and smart contracts while avoiding some of the political and technological problems which earlier efforts such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have faced.

The concept of Tezos is to use the technology of the blockchain but where each tokens holder can vote to apply or not an update, every decision about the future of the network is voted by it community.

Tezos developpement started in January 2014, it's a verry serious project that bring verry good technological inovations.
I think it is the best ICO of the history.

It is also the ICO with the biggest crowdfunding ever.
About 50 000 Bitcoins and 240 000 ETH (about 200 000 000 $) has been colected since the launch of the crowd funding.

You still have 10 days to invest.
I've personnaly invest 3 ETH in it.

Good luck !

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