Factom and Augur, opportunities ?

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Factom and Augur are two preferred currencies for investments based on the long term (given their respective projects).

With a recent fall in the market, thoses cryptocurrencies have lost nearly 16% for the Augur and 6% for the Factom, which is normal during this crash period.

This decrease in demand suggests a rebound in the coming days, as traders attend this period to rebuild stocks in order to revoke their highs for both in the long term and in the short term. By purchasing sufficient quantities in the cryptocurrencies of their choice, it is contributing to an increase in its value and to your source in some way, and making profit.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to determine in advance the "critical purchasing zone", which is accompanied by a reversal of the economic situation. You need to keep an eye on the cryptocurrencies you will invest in and on the cryptocurrencies market cap. It happened in a similar way last week with a capitalization going from $ 110 billion to 92 and then back to 110.

And currently the market shows a capitalization of 95 billion dollars which corresponds to this buy-back zone, it went from 115 Billions dollars to 95 billions.

And these two currencies which are Augur and Factom have always followed the trend which suggests a rise of at least 15%.

The challenge is then to place itself in the wake of cyclical investments to protect against possible losses, making you avoid an autonomous investment but too risky.

It's not different of the others cryptocurrencies, if you really trust in one don't hesitate to invest in it.
It is the right moment.

Good luck and take moderate risks.

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Thanks for your analysis! I do got both in my portfolio!