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Welcome to Connect!

Our team will develop and deploy a world class social media application based on the the Ethereum blockchain. This platform will rival current social media standards by creating a decentralised network for users while maintaining full transparency throughout growth and beyond. Users data will be encrypted therefore not used for targeting advertising or 3rd party selling changing the whole business model of abusing users data for corporation profit. Individuals can create a personal and business social profiles with an online encrypted wallet attached that enables transfer of digital currency fee-free & instantly from one user to another.

Connect is combining the world of social media with the emerging technology of blockchain creating a dedicated platform for individuals, influencers and big businesses. Users will be rewarded for the content they post i.e. paid for each upvote. Additionally Connect will incorporate an encrypted messenger service and marketplace where you can buy, sell and trade goods alongside services with connect tokens - encrypted & untraceable. We plan to create ongoing sustained growth of the Connect ecosystem through the continual development, feedback and integration of new features.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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