Got my first stake With Diamonds (DMD) coins!

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

I bought and have been staking Diamond (DMD) coins for a month. Not a great number, just about $25 worth of initial investment. Well today I got a notification that I succesfully staked! I was expecting it to take much longer.

I have also been dabbling with PoW (proof of work, traditional GPU mining) and transferred the small amount I have mined at the pool.

So now I have dabbling with PoW coins (Etherium, NiceHash, Diamond), PoS coins (Gridcoin, Diamond) and leased coins (Waves). Learning about the different types of cryptocurrencies and getting a feel for how they work is important before putting in alot of money.

Are Diamond coins going to grow, or even hold their value into the future? I have no idea, but right now this is just some fun money, but as I keep building on it, it won't be too small for very long. I am just trying to enjoy the ride for now.

Diamonds official website:

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good to learn about the way to trade and invest -start small and learn first -i am now following you