Dogecoin waking up? $0.001491 (30.50%)

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One of the cryptocurrencies that I have always found myself playing with since I first discovered bitcoin early 2014 has been Dogecoin. Currently we are seeying a very large increase in trading volume and from feb of this year when the price was at around 18/19 satoshi we have seen a huge upswing in the price as of late.

Its no secret that Vitalik Buterin founder of Ethereum has always said that dogecoin was one of this favorite cryptos. And this always made me believe that one day we would be seeying some real action with this coin.

But dogecoin has had a dark history of pump and dumps fooling many newbie investors to buy in when the price was about to crash again, lets hope that this latest surge is a result of impending mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and not just another way to steal naive people's money.

what is your opinion on dogecoin?

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I like Dogecoin as well but it´s unfortunately just a coin made for fun, so that I don´t know whether it really got a big future. Of course it´s nice for the community but I´m not sure, whether it´ll take the jump to something bigger.

Aside from that..why would one invest in them?

I think people park their profits here, from time to time... I once heard, that if the Doge pumps, there's a bubble forming. In the recent past, there was a Bitcoin pump following.

Until I found steemit, I thought it would be the perfect coin to tip people for good internet content, now I´m not so sure...

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