New ICO Launched By SURETLY in July Make Help Money Lenders Tremendously and Highly Profitable For Investors.

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All Crypto investors stay come and be ready for investing in new forthcoming ICO offered By Suretly a traditional company which offer P2P lending on Blockchain based crowd sourcing platform and make a substitute for traditional P2P lending process.
Suretly a international finance company offers a very profitable investment opportunity for investors which name is CrowdVouching . All investors earn compensation through vouching when somebody take instant loans from this company.
After launching this ICO Suretly will able dominate over traditional P2P lending company.
Suretly operates on CrowdVouching model which works collaborate with microfinancing organisation where all investors vouch for the borrower's that they will repay a small amount incase of borrower's default. By taking risk of the borrower's guaranty investors earn compensation on basis ofthe credit rating of borrower's.
With Suretly Models it is very easy for customers lending money as the all investors co sign for a specific percentage of loan for the customer.
Suretly already famous as Tinder for Microloans.
Through this process any lenders irrespective of their credit rating can take Micro loans for short terms Process.

Suretly's investor don't lend directly any money to borrower's nor they pay any secuirities . They only are cosigners who guaranty that pay fraction of debt in case of defaulters. This is very small amount because for a certain amount of loans many cosigners are there.
Becsuse of this guarantee investors pay compensation.
Suretly uses Crypto Token for its investors who invest in their ICO which is open in July. Only 15℅ of total share will be distributed in July this fund is like as1.5 Million to 8million USD and this fund will utilizes to catch more countries in this business and make a legal head office in Singapore.
Suretly ICO initial price is as follows 1ETHER=10SUR.
The First hour participants get 70℅ discounts.
Suretly Assured its investors that after this ICO no additional Token will be distributed.

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