Digital Currencies Rankings Based on Traffic

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

We all know the top digital currencies based on the market cap. But i got a question on mind on rankings based on the traffic.
I have compiled all the world wide rankings based on traffic. Interestingly steemit ranks second after bitcoins. Since there is no huge difference between bitcoins and steemit ranking I guess in near future steemit will beat bitcoin as well

Digital CurrencyAlexa Rank
steemit 12,834
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This is extremely interesting and shows why STEEM really has the potential to be the next big coin.

Would be good to figure which one of the lesser known coins has good tech and a good team behind it, that one would probably become big.


Yes Agreed. Please share if you have researched on this.


I have not done anything yet, but could be an interesting avenue for research, so where did you find that list ?


I find Nem to be interesting and wrote a post about it. Also one more reason why Nem has so much potential is that it isn't at platforms which you can directly trade via USD and Euro. So it is not very accessible to newbies. Once it goes on Bitfinex or Kraken it will leap a lot.

I'm not familiar with Alex rank. What does it mean? Also, why does it start at 10,000? Thanks, it's very interesting. Wish they'd sorted the list by rank.


Alexa is a company owning by Amazon gives rankings based on website. Ranking starts from 1. None of the digital currency websites are listed in top 10,000 list. Check top 100 ranks


Ah, thanks a lot :)

Well, Steemit is a social media platform. The purpose of Steemit is interpersonal communications, and it's rival cryptocurrencies are focused on various other things, none of which are drivers of traffic to the degree that social media is.

Settlements, contracts, stores of value, payment mechanisms, and the other purposes for which these currencies are made, do not drive traffic even remotely to the degree which social media does.

It is hugely surprising to me that Steemit is not first on the list, tbqh.


Solid post. I was about to start a similair discussion. I've bene asking myself. Do people actually check the Trustworthiness of the crypto they invest in or do they just blindly see money money money? :-) I found this great website: They seem to give this complete indepth analysis of all cryptocoins. Sorted by team, product, company, advisors, previous investors, etc. Check for example: To see the: DigixDAO Detailed report.