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According to Wikipedia Medicine encompasses a variety of health practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness. Medicine which is the science and practice of prevention of disease, diagnosis and also treatment disease but unfortunately too many people don't take their medications properly due to different reasons which is also called Drug non- Adherence. Drug non adherence can be defined as either unwitting or intentional failure to use the prescribed medication which decrease the effectiveness of treatment which might also worsen the conflict of disease or sickness.

Blockchain technology was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 has grown so much in recent years and changing the world with it's numerous and limitless applications and Blockchain makes it possible to develop a decentralized system with a set of rules that are nearly impossible to circumvent. Blockchain also makes it possible to automate processes with smart contacts also Medicine are have been in existence for thousands of years and keep advancing and there are a few ways in which blockchain technology can help improve the Healthcare industry 

  •   One is by Tracking the supply chain : The most basic use of blockchain technology in healthcare is to facilitate tracking capability in the supply chain; for example, tracking drugs in general. This is the most natural case, because blockchain has already been used in supply management for some time.
  •   Blockchain technology can also be used as Protection against hacking : By Creating the same open API or an open-banking analogue in healthcare may be the next big step towards blockchain and the development of the industry as a whole. Today data transfer between systems remains a serious problem. And with blockchain technology is could be safer
  •     Immutability is also and important feature of blockchain is clear: immutability. Information cannot be changed or deleted, and this is a huge advantage over a database, in which data can easily be falsified but since multiple copies of a blockchain are kept and managed by consensus across a peer to peer network and no one peer can alter past transactions 
  •     Blockchain technology is also Resilience since the nature of the ledger is distributed makes it easy for information to be accessible even if many peers go offline 


In this article I would be introducing Curaizon which is the only company that offers a complete healthcare ecosystem that supports patients and their families by reducing drug non adherence . The ecosystem includes CuraServe, CuraData and CuraView and helps to lower healthcare costs and advance medical research 

Curaserver would help communicates with patients using non intrusive reminders to enable and Curaserve also enable family members to support patients and also supports healthcare providers with a real-time into patient behavior .

CuraView integrates with health services legacy systems and also ensure that all patient data is current and provides real time feedback to electronic medical record .

Curadata collects unique and valuable data and holds only demographic and adherence data. Patient identifiers held by health service which would be available through CuraToken


This concludes the introduction of the Curaizon project. This is a really innovative platform that will disrupt the medical sector and the future of healthcare. 

I will diving deeper into the projects advantages and token sale information In my next article. Subscribe to my blog and stay tuned for more.

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Recently a lot of medical platforms have been making entries into the blockchain space and I believe that this project has the potentials to be a success. Good job bringing this to my attention.

Blockchain is the future and Curaizon is definitely the next step to put an end to non drug adherence

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If this project would actually help improve the health care of our country , then am looking forward to it and making own research, thanks for the well written article @macshad

Thanks, please kindly read through our Whitepaper for more information

thanks for the well written article

Will read the white paper

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