Capybara Exchange Enters the Fray!

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Today is a great day for all Venezuelans participating in Steem! A new exchange has opened to allow everyone from the country participating in Steem and Byteball to quickly and safely exchange their crypto currency for fiat! This exchange is run by the official Byteball representative from Venezuela, which sort of makes it the official place to exchange your bytes for fiat in Venezuela but soon it will be also accepting other crypto currencies too, including Steem and SBD!!

Aside from Capybaras being one of the cutest animals in the world (believe me, search for capybara videos in youtube, you'll be amazed!) the exchange is set out to offer the most transparent service yet
while also trying to provide the best exchange rate in all of Steem.

The transparency part is very important since this is an official byteball exchange for Venezuelan and many of the other exchange houses currently working on Steem are not that transparent, censor their chats and say they don't take a fee but it was actually discovered that they where taking around 10 to 15% fees when their local bitcoin accounts where found and what did they have to say about it? Well nothing clearly, they banned the official bytes representative from the discord channel, not before of course threatening him saying that he "should be prudent when dealing with these sort of things".

But enough of that! Congrats to my friend @santiagolaw for becoming the Venezuelan representative of Byteballs and doing the correct thing launching his own exchanges with the best rates! Looking forward to trading there!!

Capybara Exchange!


Wish your friend good luck on being representative of Byteballs. Also wouldn't it be better to just sell your byteballs on binance or use shapeshift on localbitcoins(idk if they still have it) and abuse the coinex service? Free bcash tx man ;) I guess this service just make the selling part easier right?

Using these sort of exchanges is faster and you pay less fees, remember tran 1$ can be a hufe difference down here.

Also all of these exchanges work really fast, you get your fiat in less than 20 minutes most of the time...

I was thinking of writing a post about how it worked but it felt like a boring topic lol

Thank you for your support, the website functionality is fully developed now, I hope that my exchange rates motivates the other exchanges to lower their profits in order to compete benefitiating the users!

What is a capybara?

I know you know what a capybara is!

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