Is DATA the new AdWords/AdSense platform?

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One of the biggest challenges in the digital advertising industry is the fight against what is commonly termed as Ad Fraud.
These days more than 40% of digital ad traffic is generated by bots which defraud advertisers in billions of US dollars every year. Ad Fraud deteriorates efficiency of the whole industry resulting in exorbitant costs for advertisers and cutting into the actual revenue for legitimate publishers.

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The DATA project wants to address the root of the fraud at its core. The decentralized AI-powered DATA platform will apply a reward system to incentivize both end users for their attention and publishers for their content.
DATA's project most innovative edge is to proactively identify the fraudulence based on the pattern or behaviour analysis via their proprietary AI algorithm prior to the fraudulent user data being injected into the entire network.

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The DATA platform and is token (DTA) will serve as the backbone of its blockchain based advertising infrastructure and will support micropayments where tokens can be used across applications.

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Looking at CoinMarketCap the price of DTA is going down right now and it looks like the correction could be even more severe. However its value is still way higher than the ICO price.
I find this project really interesting and if the price of the token keeps falling it could represent a good investment opportunity. So guys if you like the idea, visit their website, read the whitepaper and pay attention to the token price in the coming days.
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I am so curious how exactly it work...

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It's really cool to see new disruptive players on monetization stage. But I'm more curious about how advertisers would fit in blockchain echosystem. Is it possible to data mine personal behaviours from blockchain systems? If it is, will it be public knowledge aswell? It definitely should right?

Anyway, sidetracking FTW! :)

End of adblock and every kind of adblocker, better and more equal web experience: this is the future

DATA will change the game of Digital Advertising Industry. I have been into various types of advertising industries since I started my career. Digital advertising, so far, has changed my life. Now-a-days competition is so cruel that newbies will die off on early stages because of the cold traffic they get. It cannot be used or processed in any form. 🔴

The biggest challenge we are facing in the digital age is that a lot of junk data is provided in form of ad revenue which is not of help to anyone. Only a handful companies are providing platforms to display digital ads - Market Monopoly.

DATA(Decentralized AI-powered Trust Alliance) will filter the junk data before it reaches the end user/customer. As simple as that. Rocking, no? 😎

Thanks @loveandpeace777 for this piece. You have provided a great pointer to Digital Marketer out there. Cheers! 🍻