[dtube] Ethereum Flippening 2018: My Action Plan

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With the recent ground that Ethereum has made on the BTC ratio, people are once again discussing the possibility of a 'flippening' occurring in 2018.

In the event of that occurring, I wanted to make a video sharing what my action plan for that would be. Let me know what you think!

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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Thanks for sharing!

As a developer, I am totally biased towards Ethereum than BTC. Ethereum builds a platform to enable all possibilities. I will just hold ETH and contribute to the ecosystem.


Solid plan in my opinion. I'm a flippening believer, but I agree it could be awhile yet before it's earned. And we'll probably have at least one fakeout before then.

I think Ethereum is going to have a fantastic year but I think bitcoin is going to have its biggest year ever once it recovers from this dip.

I really don't see that happening anywhere in 2018 because I believe BTC will rise again soon and still lead the market for a long time. Maybe in 202..., I still doubt that as well.
Anyway, you've got a nice video there man!

awesome you were the first person i started watching that did crypto

Great outlook on the future , you really called out the dip/correction we are having now during the euphoric period in December when everyone thought the bull run would never end .

I am of the opinion and I am sure, Btc will be stable again next month.
it is time to buy coins.
if I have money, I will also buy a lot of coins.
because I am very confident

I like your videos ..amazing plan

If it does happen it will move the media Lens from Bitcoin

Can hear them now misrepresenting Ethereum in the same way they have Bitcoin

“It’s a mechanism to fake a startup raise loads of money and run off with it”.

Seems like by June it can happen from what I see.

Have a similar plan with EOS and Omisego reaching parity someday. Plan to own more OMG when and if EOS ever hits parity.

Agreed I have been waiting to put new money into Bitcoin for the same balance reason. When I had to raise cash in January i did that with Ether, which turned out to be pretty lucky timing. In general I hate to sell because its an asset class that has a long way to go. Your idea is spot on to watch the currency pairs and rebalance on the tops. A simple way to help decide when to do this was shown by @pandorasbox by just doing a log trend of the pair and drawing the trend channel by linking the tops and bottoms. I included a snapshot below. I think it also puts your ratio comments in context.

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How do you see NEO performance with potential flippening of ETH and BTC?
If China starts massively adopting NEO, with a better tech than ETH, NEO will not only skyrocket but will also set the standarts of the smartcontracts industry worldwide

Litecoin & Neo were doing well.new investors can give a shot,there is 20% & 28% growth respectively.which seems good to me.

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