Why is ETH Crashing!? - The Simple Truth

in cryptocurrency •  2 months ago

The price of Ethereum has had a tough time over the past few months, not just in fiat terms but also relative to other cryptocurrencies like Dash and Dogecoin.

A lot of people are coming up with all of these theories around why the price has taken such a hit, but I think the explanation is much more simple.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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I’ve heard recently report about ethereum not having to be involved with the coin itself. In other words, smart contracts can possibly be separated from ETH. I hope that’s not the case, but it definitely sounds scary. Well..., I decided to go with the boat, even sinking boat, which I don’t believe it is in case of ETH. What I believe, is that it’s the sentiment and many short sellers are feeding on it as well as spreading bad nonsense news. Let’s just wait hit out. Being patient always pays out. These charts comparison are really similar, first I thought it’s the same coin. Not many people are buying at this moment, at least it doesn’t feel like it. And that’s exactly the perfect time to buy. I may consider to add ETH to my position as well.

As you say is the nature of this market but the icos has a direct effect in the eth price because the 90% of icos were a failure and the volume of eth on each ico was dumping and dumping the price, i expect a 500 eth in some months because the technology deserve it. Regards

The worst of what the ETH is coming down with its prices in the market is that many tokens based on ERC-20 are coming down and I get many projects thanks to those big sales of ETH.
Oh is my simple opinion.

My thoughts are similar to yours in that selling pressure has persisted given tokens selling their holdings for funding. I would also add that as the regulatory environment has completed shifted, it has now decreased demand for ETH as both regulation and the besr market have potential ICO participants on weak demand. In addition, the network continues to struggle with solving key issues like scaling which could detract any progress made from demand coming back into the market. However, there has been valued created in the Network which should soon give prices some support. In addition, there is talk of ETH futures market being developed which arguably could bring some demand into the market. Futures could also provide ICOs with the ability to hedge their funding which I imagine most would have liked given the bear market.

Much of the $12 billion USD that was raised went into ETH based dapps. Many of which will pay out, transact and ultimately require ETH. Plus, all the tokenized standards in ETH. For example, an every increasingly amount of Institutions tokenizing their fiat to ERC-20 standard. (The Gemini Dollar) The last time I checked were over 8 different token standards built on ETH. Some for baskets of assets, some for ID standard, others exchanges, ECT. As ETH runs millions of tokens the value and apps we become enormous.

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What gives hope with respect to Ethereum is the transition into PoS and sharding in the roadmap. It's going to be a bumpy road ahead for ETH but when the transition is complete, good times will return. The brand recognition of Ethereum is considerable.

You didn't mention what happened to Augur. Augur generated $700,000 and liquidated it immediately. Why? Because that money is supposed to be used for development, not gambling.

This didn't stop them from receiving scrutiny because if they would have held they would of had a billion dollars. Other ICO projects saw this and they gambled much more heavily with their funds than they otherwise would have. The chickens have come home to roost on that front.

But yeah Ethereum went x140, It's amazing that it's still x18 from that moment.

@louisthomas it is a bit troubling really and I really had no previous explanation as to the why but I do believe that the technology of Eth is still yo unique and superior to let them

I think you're right. ETH shot up so fast that it needs some price consolidation. But also I think people are getting tired of waiting for Ethereum's scaling solutions to be implemented. We're seeing the same impatience with Cardano and OmiseGo. It's been tough holding ETH, but hopefuly things will turn around soon.

Isn't this because of ICO's? market is very bearish for alts atm and a lot of teams have a fair amount of ether that they raised.

I guess you are right in this sense because this correction makes sense if we look at the ridiculous amounts of gains that ETH made in the 2017 period. In light of the same theory it makes sense that Bitcoins fell down a lot less since it fell from a much lower gain point.

Looking back this all makes sense in terms of a rough technical analysis. The fact that ICO projects are selling their ETH for expenses and people are cashing it out just became a logical reason for what was bound to happen sooner or later.

Obviously ETH is only one third the age of Bitcoin. These things will happen and in a few years we will all look back to this from beyond the one thousand dollar mark. Let us all just consider this a buying opportunity and do the intelligent thing by accumulating in this dip.

I think there is a multitude of factors at play, as there always is. Everyone is always looking for explanations for price movements, particularly in this bear market. The reality is the crypto market is in its infancy, it is not a fully developed market like the stock market and as a consequence, price sensitive factors are not so obvious. I really think at the moment the market is dominated by algorithmic bots that trade off key metrics, does that coincide with news stories? Yes, but that I believe that to be more coincidental than anything.

Everything going down right now, but eth has taken a bigger hit this past week. Seems like a good time to start buying it.
I'm not really bullish on eth.

The reason for the continuous dip in rice of ethereum is because ethereum does not have any solution to present day problems and it does not have any practicable applications into any real life transactions.

Great points Louis! Selling pressure exacerbated by ICOs in need of fiat and negative sentiment. Despite that eth has returned way more than btc in 2017/2018. Hopefully eth has a future, just wondering where the bottom might be, i would speculate around usd 70/100

While I'm bullish for ethereum in the long term, I do wonder about projects like NEO that also is seeing low prices (even if the variation has not been as dramatic).

I'm also curious to hear your thoughts about Steem. The bear market hasn't been too good to us steemians! :P

Eth has competition. NEO and tron no. This goes up soon. I know because I know why it is down. And things are changing. People are going back to BTC and that is good since btc controls.

What a joke the crypto market is, the #2 coin dropping from 1300 to 180....just think about that, something like that should NEVER happen, and yet with crypto it happens all the time and the entire market is so low that 10x gains are not appealing given the risk because that only gives you a modest profit from the much higher levels that many people bought in at.

nice theory...
i think it's normal cycles around...
simple as it is but the technology need more time to stay not useless


It certainly is important that Eth and BTC become “not useless”. Without application in real-world commerce ( not just circular ICOs) we are going to zero.

You have a great point. That’s how bear market works. Even Steem goes down for that reason. Some people are using their generated Steem to pay their rent, bills... Now when Steem is that low, they are forced to power down and when you add people who are panic selling, than the price gets where it is now and perhaps even lower. ETH is the same, companies have to pay the bills and with overall sell off, there is no safe heaven. Not even in BTC or ETH. Anyway as Buffet says “ buy when everyone sells, or when there is a blood on the street” or something like that. lol nice shirt and “yes” it runs through my mind to consider buying at these levels.

nice vedio bro, i was enjoy it,