[dtube] How Would an ETH Flippening Affect the Cryptocurrency Market?

in cryptocurrency •  7 months ago

PhilForReal Kobe says "Ether is great and all. Let's say a flippening happens. How would that help the crypto market?"

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The effect may depend on how quick the ETH Flippening occurs. A smooth power transition from one king to another king may cause less problem. However, it seems the bitcoin dominance is steadily above 40%.

Nice video Louis, it's quite interesting to consider a possibility that is becoming more real.

I definitly think a flippening could happen. Ethereum is a great project, and superior to bitcoin in my opinion. I would not be surprised to see it overtake bitcoin by end of 2018.

ETH is a great project but i think bitcoin is still overhyped. If bitcoin drop to like let's say 3000-4000 $ people will propably quit from bitcoin and maybe jump on eth, litecoin or whatever

Hey Louis, thanks a lot for sharing! Enjoy every video you posted!

Ethereum "flipping" over Bitcoin would be a pretty impressive feat. Personally I do not see it happening anytime soon...and maybe never.

There is a lot to be said about "first to market"...and Bitcoin is the very first cryptocurrency to exist. Ethereum also falls into that category, but as the first crypto PLATFORM to market. Yes, there is more that you can do with Ethereum, so in my mind a lot will have to be added onto ETH to make it more marketable and functional before more people dump their fiat into it. It needs speed and bandwidth, side chains.

We will see what happens I suppose, nice vlog.

I thing bitcoin will stay on the top

I don't see it happening. Ethereum has proven less secure than Bitcoin. When you are dealing with large amounts of money I do not know why you wouldn't want it secured in Bitcoin. If smart contracts take off then part of the code can read when things are accomplished bitcoin is released. Therefore, Ethereum and Bitcoin and co-exist.

The flippening will happen as Bitcoin has its technical issues and people just like to keep forking it.

Ether or Ripple appear to be good candidates.

People don't like Ripple because it caters to the banks. That may actually be a strength for price stability and for the normies to feel confident enough to start adopting crypto.

Remember there are about 7 billion normies so they could really drive up the price when the pile in.

I am a hodler but let's face it, guarding your private keys is a bit of a pain in the ass. It would be nice to have an account in a main stream bank that holds your crypto for you and guarantees you in case of a hack.

Secondly the fact ethereum has a single leader , and has turned back the Blockchain shows it’s centralized and even if the utility was same it would be a red flag!

Hey, @louisthomas thanks for this interesting video! It is a difficult one and I guess only time will tell. If you'd ask me, bitcoin still has a lot going for it to keep its throne and title as the king of crypto. Although I don't see the flippening happen, I still agree with the upsides, but also the short term chaos this could bring. Also, I like the fact, that you cited some valuable comments from your followers. 👍

Speaking of flippening, have you heard about the flappening? 😆
If you haven't, please take a moment to check out Charlie Lees Tweet.

Cheers - @sblue

BTW: Since you post the same video twice (once for Youtube and once for DTube), are you cool with me posting the same comment twice? 😇To be honest, there's not much I could add to this comment compared to the one I made on the post of your Youtube video. One thing I can add is that I genuenly think that the flappening deserves to be mentioned on both posts.😄


SatoshiLite Charlie Lee [LTC] tweeted @ 25 Feb 2018 - 16:50 UTC

The flippening (ETH>BTC) will never happen. But the flappening (LTC>BCH) will happen this year. 🐔🚀 https://t.co/vn9XBdZNC3

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Hey Louis, thanks a lot for sharing! Enjoy every video you posted!

I don’t think it would change anything. Ethereum isn’t the same use case as bitcoin. Now if a dash or bitcoin cash or Monero over took bitcoin that would be different! Though Bcash and dash are centralized so Monero or litecoin would be better example

Thank you so much for guidance, sir. I love it from you because you provide great information on cryptocurrencies. As time goes on, people will invest more and more in other currencies too