[dtube] Illuminati, Elon Musk, EOS & Flippenings | Q&A #15

in cryptocurrency •  8 months ago

In today's Q&A, I'll be addressing the following questions:

PhilforReal Kobe - Let's say a flippening happens. How would that help the crypto market?

Darren Connelly - What about future EOS flippening of ETH? Extremely hypothetical as it's not even launched properly yet, but what do you think?

Baladev Saraz - What are your thoughts about Elon Musk and Falcon Heavy?

Film Gob - What do you say to those who claim cryptocurrency is the illuminati's plan for a one world currency?

Shalomjti - What's some of your best HODLing advice?

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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Smart @louisthomas milking that Youtube and Steemit money, and dumb of me because I watch every of your videos twice, one in each platform because I love so much your accent hahahahahhaa


Haha! Well I appreciate you taking the time to watch my vids. Upvoted!


You are so nice I love to much


I Resteemed your post


Anyone we help the poor also is very poor by voting, please give us vote thanks

Alan Watts is a sage

While it is quite possible that Flippening may happen one day, i dont believe it can happen any time soon. Maybe in 2020+

interesting take on elon musk man.

This is how I know that you're a pretty good critical thinker, not always following trends, you learn and formulate your own individual opinion I respect that dude.

You're an inspiration to some of us man keep doing what you do and doing it your way!

Bitcoin will get flippered by eth, bitcoin should have it's brand dominance shattered.
eth cannot get flippered by eos, because network effect.

Not saying it will happen but you can't deny that it could happen while also suggesting it will happen to bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency is our future, and we are living in future. :) New inventions and discovery make us more alive. What do you think @louisthomas?

I wonder what more the whales know , I feel like 95% of people are missing out on what they know .

Anyone we help the poor also is very poor by voting, please give us vote thanks

Good comments about Elon Musk. I think you're right that his businesses are a bit out of control but that's what I admire about him the most - he is filling the gap left by governments who should be funding progress. If Telsa and SpaceX eventually fail as companies they would still have succeeded in moving their industries and the world forwards and that's priceless!

Hi Thomas, I'm one of your fellow subscribers on YouTube. Happy to see your channel is growing so much! Anyway, back to the topic.
My fear is that when eth will pass bitcoin (which I think it's in the making since last year, to say the least), that will bring down the market. Long story short, I don't think that the flippening will happen without any blood on the street. What's your take on this?

What's some of your best HODLing advice?

I hold until price goes up high then buy USDT
again when price goes down, I'll buy same coin. :)

Elon Musk Idea to go to mars and Crypto to go to moon are same thing.
Both are possible

I agree with everything you said about Elon when it comes to the bad. Tesla is way over-valued and over hyped though I like clean energy. Elon's stuff is also heavily government subsidized. About the space thing well... I'm deep into the Flat Earth stuff and the fake moon conspiracy thing. The fact that the rocks from NASA back in the 60's were fake (petrified wood), we have not been back is 50 years, and NASA claiming they lost all the moon footage, and much weirdness...well it doesn't help.


Also glad you are here on Steemit!