[dtube] IOTA: Why all the FUD?

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There's been a LOT of controversy and drama surrounding the IOTA cryptocurrency over the past few months.

But what's the truth? is IOTA a scam or a legitimate project? That's what I'll be discussing in this video.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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I believe that the technology will ultimately lead IOTA to great heights and that the price will explode in 2018, especially with the Qubic news coming in Q1 2018.

So much support and belief in IOTA despite all these FUD, Plus I think all these negativity is helping IOTA in a good way. Although, the iota founders would be better to leave the community to retaliate aggressively and just politely and professionally prove the FUD wrong themselves. It would leave a better impression for sure. And yes, you are right about all these companies investing in IOTA. Are they so stupid or are they so smart? What’d o you think?

Yeah, it's hard to tell what's going to happen in this period. Still a lot of development milestones to be hit, but if IOTA accomplishes what they're aiming for, how could it not be huge?

i sold my iotas :)

i had 1 mega iota and now 0.4 is missing? can someone help me it happened before
i did refresh a few times

im holding what i can afford to loose since 30 cent

Love your vids lou, keep it up and thank you for your hard work.

Thank you for that info.. Always giving good info for the users of this amazing platform.. steemit o/

cheers buddy :)

Some cryptocurrencies are known to use fake news to pump up the price, but IOTA has taken it to a hole new level.There’s no decentralization like in bitcoin and others altcoins etc. This makes it very easy for gov., taxes etc. to see where the money is going in case it becomes important enough.

Hey mr louis i dont know too much about that cryptobut good to know that we have some people to give some info about it. theres alot of people talking about that crypto.. best regards

As per always, great commentary in the world of Crypto. IOTA might work successfully or fail dramatically and that's where the fear sets in. No one wants to lose anything but everyone wants to gain from little. Just depends which type of person you are.

I took a look into IOTA among all of this FUD. I feel like the light node IOTA wallet is pretty user friendly, no? IOTA has some pretty lofty goals and I think that's why it attracts so much FUD from some more established people. Could be huge if it pans out, but right now the market cap seems like purely speculation

your blog post really very nice (louisthomas)thanks

AIOTA cryptocurrency are scam based on my findings and few reasons that made me classified AIOTA as fake

  1. There is a lot of fake news

2.AIOTA is centralized, there is company behind it that regulated there conduct.

  1. Some AIOTA wallet are scamming people out of their money

  2. The platform lacks technicalities
    My own conclusions on AIOTA is Investors should stay away. I like your
    Video reviews on this topic

thanks for sharing! I firmly believe IOTA is legit and not a scam!

With Hedera Hashgraph looking to launch soon, IOTA will even more pressured given the interest in that project. It seems more secure and reliable than IOTA.

IDC so much

when people fuk up its natural ... they are humans and they should get a second chance

if they make a mistake again then something needs to change

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There are a lot of update about this IOTA but thanks for sharing your personal views and advice. I believe later or sooner we all going to know the real deal about this IOTA

Many people trust on this project and I'm sure many people gonna invest too.

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