Prediction: Everyone Will Have 100+ Sources of Income Within 10 Years

In this video, I'll be sharing a prediction of mine that within a matter of just 10 years, the proliferation of cryptocurrencies and decentralised platforms will allow everyone to enjoy dozens, perhaps even hundreds of different sources of income.


What if we could all get paid to create a never ending pyramid? The people at the top of the pyramid would eventually reach space and then mars Creating a land bridge to establish a colony... but it only aligns once a year ..the ultimate pyramid scheme. 🤔🤑

The dream: earning income by watching porn

funny you. imagine you kids asking Dad what are you doing? and you reply as you can see i am in the office

lol, so many of us would be soooo rich :))))

I think it's good to have multiple incomes, don't put all your eggs in one basket!

I think we should talk about AI taking most jobs away because it`s here already... Companies have not started replacing humans with robots is because they have to figure out what people are going to do without a job.

I agree with you this is going to be a increasing problem as time goes by. I see that there has been talk about a universal basic income. I wonder what the effect of that would be?

Really enjoyed your video. I think bloggers, v-loggers, writers, content creators, etc have been seriously duped by the traditional means of rewarding content creation and sites like steemit are bridging the gap of what creators were being paid in fiat and what their content is really worth. There is no reason a solid video that reaches thousands should not earn $100 due to its impact and usefulness for the viewer. Maybe the time for bloggers has finally arrived? Who knows. . .

Interesting video. I hope you are right, I'd like to see some kind of big change in society.

Some people have always lived that way. Professional photographers (like myself), for instance, have always had to have many sources of income to survive. One of my photography mentors always says "It takes a lot of peanuts to feed an elephant", meaning of course that it takes many streams of income to survive in this world.

It's interesting to watch what is happening, seeing that this old freelance and self-employment model may be becoming the standard for everyone. What interesting times we live in!

Getting paid to consummed media, that got me thinking. Really thinking.

Your steem profile is going to go way up. Imagine all of the use cases when they launch businesses based on the Steem blockchain.... I appreciate the ideas for generating additional revenue streams since all of our jobs are being outsources to AI.

Great vision!

Imagine the potential for the worlds poorest %20 of people to make what would be a huge amount of money to them just by holding some sort of crypto.

Once global internet and crypto is ubiquitous and available to EVERYONE then we will start to see a real lift in quality of life for billions of people on earth.

I truly believe we are at the start of a new golden age for humanity ushered in by the blockchain.

No question about it. The days of the 9-5 job are already changing, having the ability to sell our data be it in any form will have to subsidise the old 9-5. Good post! Upvoted & Followed :)

Good to see you on Steemit Louis.I follow you on YouTube.

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you should provide me a income way from here. I need.

there are some interesting ideas out there already: MyBit offers energy distribution by individuals, EnjinCoin offers payment for game assets. This will only be the beginning. I have been thinking about this as well, after all people need jobs and maybe for some individuals playing games in Virtual Reality and hunting for virtual assets becomes a significant part of their income.

Very interesting concept. There are already some gaming companies out there that are basing their economy on cryptocurrencies. Most have some form of trading shop where prices freely fluctuate. In fact, there are some cryptos out there that are MADE with that specific goal in mind. But whats more interesting is that as more and more people demand control and profit from their generated data, this view will become commonplace. For this its essential to have crypto currencies with no transfer fees like steem. Think about it: Distributed Capitalism is the first step. Then maybe as second step we could turn our whole economy into a meritocracy.

Also in my opinion your view IS optimistic because there will be downsides to that as well and we are not seeing them yet, but its not utopian, its totally possible. However it may take years for us to see it.

hah, many many moons ago I used to play an MMO called 'Eve online' - basically internet spaceships. The amount of RMT (Real money trading) ie. harvesting/farming ingame currency and selling to other players for real cash (forbidden by game developers) was endemic, so it may as well been using cryptos :)

In fact there was another sci-fi mmorpg called something like entropia online where game rules did allow you to lodge money into game to be converted to something called PEDs , and re-converted to real money for withdrawl. Not sure if that game is still running anymore though.

Interesting, just wondering about one major thing...the exchanges! We saw what China did by banning the exchanges for cryptocurrency. Not saying all governments will do this but I am saying exchanges are the intermediary between FIAT money and crypto's. If , through regulation for example, governments make it very unattractive trading these coins, prices will drop. I think we should move towards de-centralized exchanges so no nation's/governments law is applicable. People need to be able to trade cryptocurrency for fiat money and by/sell their coins. Also wondering what will happen to privacy focussed coins like Monero. I don't hear anybody talking about them, but in my opinion Monero is a much better coin guaranteeing true privacy through ring signatures. I guess the majority already is heavily invested in Bitcoin and they want it to go UP UP UP. :) Thanks for the video.

POS and masternodes for everybody :)

haven't watched yet, but I agree.

I think that platforms similar to Steemit will start making their presence felt fairly soon. There is also the possibility that existing social media platforms will have to change the way they operate to stay in the market. As for the micropayments I see nothing far-fetched about it. I think that we can only imagine what the future will be like and the truth may be far beyond our expectations.

The grail of blockchain tech would be some kind of universal basic income and a global citizenship based on morality, democracy and truth. No? If you want to take it really far out there, blockchain tech could enable us to redefine what it truly means to be human...

F & UV & resteem

I agree, Louis, BUT most of these income sources will be miniscule for most people surely? Sharing your sleep patterns is not going to put much food on the table, let's be honest.

hmmm, the only problem with some of your ideas is that companies are already getting much of this data for free.

I suspect in most cases they're far too greedy to share even a small slice of the pie with the little guy ;)

That's a very valid vision. I'm starting to realize this first hand already with several income streams working for myself, and a lot of crypto currency investments/mining/payouts. In time, people will realize that they don't need to work all day and week for one paycheck every two weeks or once a month. Great job thinking ahead and sharing your idea.

thanks for upvote me this is really nice post

everyone should avail the opportunity

Hi. .....nice to watching your video.
Am Chayon form Bangladesh .
i am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
I have followe you.
So can also follow me.
Best of luck.

Hey @louisthomas! Good video! You're probably right!

A friend and I have built a tool to have ICOs and other important crypto events right in your Google Calendar:

We are thinking about a solution to filter ICOs/events curated by the community. We would love to get your feedback! :)

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