My Top 3 Cryptocurrencies for 2018

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Since many other YouTubers are making these kinds of videos right now, I thought I'd join in and offer my own thoughts about what are the top cryptocurrencies to hold in 2018.

Let me know what you think!

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Great video. What about steem?
I see it going to 10$ especially after the release of Smart Media Tokens. It will be very interesting to see how people will adopt those.


@marc99 I am just curious, do you have an estimated price target for when you think steem will hit this value??

Surprising that you didn't mention any of Ethereum's competitors, most notably EOS and Cardano.

I myself am very bullish about iota, thanks for making the video. Cheers mike



Great video again ! I really think i'm gonna invest on IOTA, many people are talking about it, but it will be really easier for me if it was on bittrex !

Good video!
Do you know about SmartCash? I think in 2018 it will grow significantly. They plan to launch the InstantPay at the end of the year... and this is very cool! They also have almost zero fee for transactions. This is the cryptocurrency that we were waiting for.

@louisthomas Cool video, and very informative for someone new to the cryptosphere.
I think a couple other big ones to watch are XVG and Bitshares... Cheers!!


Yaa r8


what are your thoughts

I just upvote your post because i interest in your post 😉😉😉

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great video , keep the good work

What is the Target of IOTA by next year end ?


Considering IOTA is partnering with major corporations; we may see real use cases and market adoption by mid 2018. So I think anywhere in three digits would be a realistic target. So $100+ seems practical anywhere in 2018.
Though invest wisely and diversify for minimizing the risk. Research and excel....


Wow ... that would be great.


Iota seems to be on a bull run for sure

Really enjoyed your post, although I worry a little about Ethereum. I'm more bullish that Stellar could replace it eventually! Or maybe I am just hopefuly :P Check out the post I just wrote about it.

Thanks so much for this, but damn I'm gonna have to open a bittfinex account to get me some Iota... Nice analogy with the stabilizers...

Top Coins for 2018 in my opinion

bro its real info. thank you

Cool video and great tips for 2018, I am looking at your top 3 in my 2018 pics so you have confirmed my choices.. I also have a few Electroneum coins of which I see as a growing concern.

Ethereum for long term gains when Casper and plasma come out.

Stellar because of real world usage already, IBM partnership and more to come.

KCS for dividends and growth based on exchange growth.

NEO for China penetration and also dividends by GAS.

Looking into IOTA and REQ if I see more development. REQ depending on how Colossus looks like it will go.

Great choices! However, I think the token ARK could be booming very soon. View my technical chart below: