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great video. my favorite vlogger is Crypto daily.

Hi jean michel

I like francis hunt too

Answer: Marc De Mesel and Francis Hunt. Although there are of course many other great content creators out there too! And this video was recorded several months ago :)


Thanks for your videos and recommending this platform. Has been really interesting checking it out so far!



Thanks for watching!


No, Thank you for sharing.

Bitcoin = $15,000. Why? The cryptocurrency paradigm is accelerated. When banks do wires it takes 24 hours. A Cryptocurrency wire takes 24 seconds. Buying with a credit card can take 5 minutes of inputs. A Crypto currency buy takes 5 seconds. Why be surprised by 10,000% growth?

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Awesome content. Keep pushing it out and focusing on facts.

Awesome and congratulate me everyone....lost my hard earn 400k satoshi after NiceHash miner crashed had the worst day of life wasted more than 3 weeks in that bullshit


That is awful! I am so sorry.


That hurt alot man when ur excited fr ur first tm reward and this hppns :(


Sorry to hear that man. Hexabot just went down and i lost some coin as well. Hopefully you can earn some back another way. There are plenty of other coins to be mined profitably. Or you could just get involved with Bitconnect and earn interest daily

Use this link to sign up with Bitconnect and you can make money off as little as 100 dollars a day. They pay interest out daily so you can earn your investment back in a relatively short time. The interest rate is about .9% on average and they allow you to compound, which increases your money greatly.

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OK. I will see what I could get from these 2 fellas.
Though I have enjoyed several of your videos and also agree on your top 3 coins for 2018. Same are mine. IOTA / BTC / ETH will rock in 2018 but I think IOTA may win the market cap race to be number 1.
Keep up the good work mate. Cheers!!!

Hey have you looked at swift demand (the universal basic income program) and what are your thoughts on it?

thanks,this is such an interesting video @ louisthomas!

Keep posting!


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