[dtube] Prediction: Everyone Will Have 100+ Sources of Income Within 10 Years

in cryptocurrency •  last year

In this video, I'll be sharing a prediction of mine that within a matter of just 10 years, the proliferation of cryptocurrencies and decentralised platforms will allow everyone to enjoy dozens, perhaps even hundreds of different sources of income.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

***I am in the process of adding many of my videos from YouTube on to DTube. Apologies for any posts that you've already seen before!

Original date of upload: October 2nd, 2017

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Great video, I agree I already am starting to get a few including steemit. Nice videos will be following for more, keep up the good work

interesting perspective. I know this is an old upload but I havnet seen this one.

I actually want to push back against the idea. I actually think it is more likely that we will use a significant reduction in the availability of jobs that humans are able to do. I think instead of hundreds of streams of income it is equally as likely that we could see some sort of universal minimum govt subsidy as more and more workers are displaced by technology.

the paradox of blockchain technology is that they do not capture the value of the networks they seek to displace, they drive the profits of the network towards zero.

l'd be interested to hear what you think about this.



You bring up a very good point @elima! Technology is displacing millions of workers, and will continue to so in the future. I too predict many governments will be implementing universal basic income in the near future. I know in several places they have begun testing it, and so far I haven't heard anything bad about it.

On the other hand, for those that are ambitious, creative, and tech savvy I believe there will be some incredible opportunities in the future!


I agree @connorsmith ambitious, creative, tech capable people have a very bright future ahead of them. From the looks of your Steemit, I imagine I can count you among the ranks of them! good luck on your investment journey. Wish I had invested in cryptos when I was 16!


Yup, I'm one of them! Thank you so much for your interest in my profile, I am honored! :)


I hope being one of them too!.
Today is my first day in steemit!


Welcome to Steemit @idisruptive! It's good to have you here! :)

This is already happening with people that start their own retail brand on Amazon/ebay or their own consultancy on Fiverr. Youtube and the internet give us the opportunity to learn what we want, when we want it. We don´t even need to pay a fee for it. A mistake that education has is the fact that they force you to learn certain literature. The internet gives you the opportunity to chose what you believe. History is written by the winners, not the losers.


Don´t forget blogging and vlogging!

Maan I really hope this comes to be. I do feel we are on the brink of incredible uncomprehendable revolutionary stuff happen! Stuff that will leave our generation in our 20's in awe and the new kids will think it's just normal and not a big deal like us with the internet! XD

The future will be interesting I agree :)
With Steemit and DTube I got soo much inspiration for other sources of income

Multiple sources of income is something I've been looking to maintain in my life for the last few years. Currently, I have around 6 or 7 sources of income, but the benefit of this is that I feel more secure. If I lose one of them then I haven't lost my entire earnings.

I think you are right the world is transforming before our eyes. I am so glad I came here and began posting my music. For the first time i am actually getting rewards for it.
And I would also like to make a personal thank you to you, because it was your mention of steemit that brought me here. A big THANK YOU


That's so awesome to hear! ! Thank you for the kind words :)

That will make filing taxes - hell


HA! - So true xD


It will help force government to adopt a flat consumption tax. With Blockchain to technology tax collected at time of consumption could very easily be divided between fed, stat and local.

Congrats on that post of yours with the $100! In terms of what I want my sources of income to be in the future, primarily I want either to have an online ecommerce business like drop shipping, or full-time as a trader in crypto. Other than that, I want Steemit to be a backend incase any of them fail.

Very nice! The first example was just what I needed to exemplify the potential use of blockchain in relation to rewarding users of certain gadgets/apps. Doing an online cooperative case for a job interview in an insurance company (non-profit), which has the objective of entering the health sector in their 2020-plan.

I will have 100 Sources of Income this year!!

I agree and can see that in 5 to 10 years, people going to be able to have multiple sources of passive income thanks to crypto.


Yes i also agree with what you said @cryptocat withi. The next 10 yrs wethere would be alot of passive income

That would be a pain in the ass to keep up for tax purposes

A very thought provoking video that is more relevant today than ever. Personally I think that you are right in that the number of income streams per person will increase. However I would argue whether you have 1 income stream, 100 income streams, UBI or some combination of all of these, it is the quality of the stream/s that matter. What worries me is that more people will be forced into a "gig" economy that totally exploits and underpays them. This scenario could equally apply to UBI if it is not implemented properly.
The world of work as we know will undergo seismic changes driven by new technology and in particular Artificial intelligence. This could free a lot of people from doing menial and dangerous work, allow people to be creative and free millions from poverty. However at the end of the day it up to us to collectively ensure that this happens.

I sure hope you're right. With that many sources of income there should be a lot less stress in every household; as one thing that causes a lot of stress is people worrying about losing the one and only source of income they have. Therefore, your prediction should mean a lot of happier people.

Interesting stuff Louis, I am trying some of these early things already such as Sandblocks and Sweatcoins, but your ideas go a little farther.

The points you make earlier in the video about Facebook etc.. I love too. I recently tried to get a friend of mine on Steemt (despite the waiting list), but many people see it as some kind of con just because its new and different, although not that new anymore.

My result was I got no response to my suggestion.

His loss I guess, he writes quality original content and has a blog... why not get paid.. some people are just too damn fixed in their ways.

And cars will drive themselves. Thanks for the support and upvote. I love the topics you post so will continue to upvote you.
images (13).jpeg

Thanks for the vid louis - I just joined steemit today. yours is the 2nd video I have watched. keep up the good stuff

I think you're right, the world is transforming before our eyes. I am very happy to have come and started to publish my music. For the first time, I'm actually getting rewards for it.
And I would also like to thank you personally, because it was your mention of steemit that brought me here. thanks to all

friends need friend

yes sir u r so right some r so right now good job

Very interesting perspective. I think that people will have to diversify to maintain or increase their income in the future as the availability of jobs, especially the traditional full time jobs, disappears.

Saying that, I think only a few will have more than a few income streams. One from the Government, and a couple from normal jobs (part time jobs). I can't see everyone earning an income online.

I agree with you regarding the multiple sources.
The system is daily gaining new people joining.
This means more competitors, so it will be imperative to constantly look for new income sources.
Thanks for sharing.

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I agree with this. If you notice most of the methods you mention involve consumers giving up privacy to receive income, in other words we are commoditizing privacy which is a good thing. Right now all our privacy is being exploited for the benefits of large platforms such as Facebook, Google and Amazon. In return we get to use their platforms, however this trade-off is far too heavily weight towards these companies. This is why cryptocurrency has a real future, as the consumer will reclaim the power of their privacy. This is also the reason why sillicon valley hasn't shown serious interest in crypto as it's a threat to how they leverage consumer data/privacy for profit.

We always hear about technology taking away jobs but we never hear the alternative point of view with regards to the amount of opportunity it can create for the average man or woman.

wow this sounds very interesting
hope it will be true
i always believe what my eyes see
best of luck for all of us who bust there butts day and night
to make great content
keep it up

We are witnessing a Renaissance of technology. The future is bright.

Been thinking similiar things how could they work. Very nice thing.. Future's gonna look bright just bcus of this new tech. And here in these platform we get to finally talk stuff honestly. So amazing Cryptos for the win!

I am also focusing to expand my sources of income from now. It's never good idea to think 1-2 are enough. Something can always happen and these sources can be no sources anymore. Faithfully, Sveto.


Most of my friend are entrepreneurial. Something that I learned is to not put all your eggs in one bucket. Try different things risky and less risky. Once you find out you can live on one of the incomes, go for it! Good luck.

what would Carlos say?

Ah this really helped me connect the dots in terms of the blockchain and the future of advertising. All the examples you shared were really helpful to relay this perspective.

I definitely feel that this reality is very possible but the unsettling question that comes to my mind with all of this is... would this mean we're turning into paid lab rats? And what kind of impact will this have on generations to come?

Steemit is one big unique platfrom , idk how it works but i hope i can develop on it , and earn some $$$ with some luck maybe :^) Lets be honest .

I've never really thought about it but couldn't agree more.