Study: 81% of ICOs are SCAMS

in cryptocurrency •  10 months ago

According to research conducted by the ICO advisory firm Satis Group, around 81% of ICOs are scams, with many more likely to end in failure.

I thought it would be worth making a video talking about this and offering some of my thoughts.

Link to article:

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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I used to say 90+% of ico are scam. I see myself being not that much off the reality.

what? you said ... only 81% ... ?

I would never invest in an ico. Wait till it's fully established in the market before i even think about chucking money at it.


Exactly. Wait till they actually have a working product!


Very true! Traditional startup investing is a very hard and risky space. VC's have teams of analysts and experts, and they still only have a 10-15% success rate. 9/10 of all startups fail and ICO's are the same way. So much safer to bet on "safe cryptos" with long term value.

Honestly not only 80%, 99% of them will be failures regardless of whether or not they are scams, cash grabs or legitimate projects. Verified projects mean nothing. Almost always, the ICO's first priority is to make the team rich, their second priority is to find a "utility" as a pre-text for their first priority... The amount of time you will require to do research in these project will be a huge drain on your valuable time.


Very well said. I agree 100% @milano1113


Couldn't agree more!


Don't even bother. Stick to proven coins. Verified or not you'll waste your time and money.


not really sure, but some projects are working, most were ICOed that's why ETH is second, there are a few working and a few successful and lots that didn't make an impact and some are scams, but I'm not sure the numbers are correct.

Well yeah I've been looking only at interesting projects and there are 187 that passed 50% of which are successful, I don't know why people invest in scams, the whole financial trading is a scam I would say, it's the same like in the exchanges here, even worse since the fish there are dead bones on the exchange and usually they use their money and are then thrown out of the "casino" just because some broker got them into it once.

So yeah according to those numbers they checked out 1100 projects and found 187 to be ok, I say that's amazing, I don't know what those other 900 projects were but I've seen my share of funny bullshit, like whatever people throw together and get pictures and it's a big new whatever and they hype it and so on.... that's bullshit, I'm wondering why people are susceptible to marketing pitches. Oh yeha they grab you by the balls and milk you :|

But again that's no different than other such "sectors"

We will see in around 2-5 years if you are right on the 99% maybe, maybe not, I would say out of those 200 projects yeah maybe 10 might succeed and 50 might be working, 50 might be forked, who knows ... I was hoping for a more detailed report, that article is bullshit by the looks of it, I wanna see the list and do my own diligence, what factors did they take into account, what tools did they use ...

as it stands any random twitter group could be deemed a ICO scam because they made a website and patched together a team and got some 50k or 500k (again I don't understand people, at least when I make mistakes I have sense of what I am doing, it's calculated risk and it's ok in my book, I wouldn't invest anything I can't loose and I wouldn't invest it in anyone that hasn't proven they are trustworthy and still I would rather work with them than just stay and pray for money out of the sky, I mean Etheriums happen once every few years, pump and dumps happen daily)

We will continue to develop our research in this area and produce a more in-depth study in coming months.

That might be interesting :D There might be some meat rather than just claims.

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Most ICOs are indeed scams runned by predators looking for easy money from countries where they know the law won't prosecute them.

Thats why you mostly need to do a lot of research before investing on an ICO and you need to have knowledgeable and accountable people behind their projects to have at least some security before throwing money into them.

Very interesting data, personally i believed that youtube and google were banning advertising on ICOS to declare war on cryptocurrencies but in reality they want to protect their users.

There are some truly 'scam' ICOs and honestly, if your head is not filled with air you will be able to identify them within a few minutes of research.

ICO is not that reliable, I participated in most of there airdrop. Though am still undergo some finding about ICO.

Very correct!!!
I learnt my lessons last year and won't afford to fall victim this year.

These statistics do not surprise me as all tech investments are inherently risky and most tech startup investments fail. ICOs are not well regulated so constitute the riskiest kind of tech investment you can invest in. If you are not prepared to do hard core due diligence, SWAT analysis and competitive analysis on ICOs that interest you, you are in my opinion not investing but are instead gambling. In that case you might consider a visit to the local casino as you will probably get better odds.

I agree on that, a lot of research have to be done in order to make a good investment, and it can be a fail, diversification and learning are some great ways to go, although sometimes being updated can be a bit overwhelming. thanks louis, keep on!

No surprise here. First rule: invest only in good projects.

at least 81%

95 percent are scams

Holy poop on a stick @louisthomas, I always wondered what the ICO stats were. YEAouCHHHHHH.............. Good data to know as an investor, thank you.
My rule of thumb learned early on the hard way in crypto is never invest into an idea/coin/token until it's been on the market for 8 weeks, never.

Thanks for still turning out regular videos during a bit of a lull in crypto interest.

Detailed breakdown and great findings @louisthomas. Reminiscence of tech investing in early 90s.

A few criteria to look out for:

(1) solutions to critical existing issues
(2) all-star team + advisors (ie. execution, network)
(3) tokens held by them vested for period of time (ie. commitment)
(4) alpha/beta ready (ie. progress)
(5) competition (ie. first mover, edge, moat)
(6) adoption rate (ie. traffic potentially drives revenue, demand)

And this is one of the reasons we need regulation


We do not need regulation. Regulation would inevitably be governmental regulation, directly or indirectly. Any non-governmental agency or group of individuals would eventually bend to the will of government, if not by precept by a desire to curry favour with government. If you want regulation buy US dollars. Of course there is a price to pay for a lack of regulation and every INDIVIDUAL must be aware of this risk. That is part of this whole process.

Wait until it is fully established in the market before I think about throwing money for it.
I will never invest in ico.

ICOs are scams, as they place a value on an asset or a form of money that do not even exist in the market. The concept of an ICO is identical to a merchant selling a piece of an unknown item for a disclosed amount, hoping that it could be worth something in the future.

cryptocurrency market is much better than the present, hopefully we can work on a lot of 20 in the market and there are many people like us who are not interested in working with this market. I hope somebody will soon work with us in the market.

There has been a lot of VC firms trying to push their exits via ICOs, very shady business. The good news is that time goes by the market will get smarter- It already has with a lot of ICOs failing this year.

Thank you Louis. Unless you are a true speculator, it's only smart to invest in something that has utility. I use Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Steemit and all others I don't touch. Sadly, I also use Coin Poker because, why not, poker is a good time and the chips are free!

nice, youtube videos are also good 🏆

81% of ICOs are SCAMS !!!!!!!!!
Really bad...... So we should be care for our transaction ....
Thanks for effective article @louisthomas

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excellent...take another look at my latst market report? your take? thanks.

This is one of the negative aspects of the lack of regulation inherent in the gendre. An initial stock offering (IPO) is a regulated procedure and the product has to meet certain criteria. Even at that the failure rate is high enough. So in the wild and free world of cryptocurrency it is not surprising that the numbers look like this. Even amongst the established “successes” such as BTC and Eth, the “value” is based on predicted utility. They are markets successes because there are buyers. Most of the “value” is speculative. It is far from certain that even these two giants will survive. If they do not it will be a great shame of course; and not just because many of us will lose money. Investing in Eth and BTC is a very high risk venture. Investing in ICOs borders on folly.

I didn't even know what an ICO was before this video. DTube is exposing me to shit I've never heard of, and things like this I might actually need to know in the future. Thanks for educating me