Interview with Marc De Mesel - Bear Markets, Bitcoin Cash, Byteball, Stock Market & More!

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I recently had the opportunity to hang out with Marc De Mesel for the day in London.

In this interview, we discuss a range of things including whether or not we're still in a bear market, Bitcoin Cash, Byteball, whether the stock market is topping, and what other investments he likes outside of cryptocurrencies.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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Eth at $200? With all the dApps like Golem already launched on mainnet and gaining traction and users, I doubt we see ETH drop under $300.

The first run up in ETH was just speculators getting high on the potential of the dApps, the next run will be based on these dApps on-boarding new users and an entire crypto economy coming to life!

Bull Markets and Bear Markets describe long-term trends, not short-term changes. Bull and bear markets are usually measured in years. Basically a bull market is a rising market and a bear market is a declining market.
Byteball is designed to generalize Bitcoin to become a tamper proof storage mechanism for any data, and to remove some of the most pressing deficiencies that impede its wider adoption. With Byteball, there are deterministic criteria for when a transaction is deemed final. Great interview though, quality content.

Even though sometimes the predictions of the lows and the highs may be wrong, I think that they should be taken as warnings of the extents that the coins may reach in different scenarios. Taking into consideration the different possibilities, we'll be able to make much smarter decisions and not take the risks that we aren't willing to take.

I've seen many who have taken the decision to invest without diversifying because "oh well, bitcoin rose, this shitcoin will rise too" and then they lose their investments and are surprised. I'm instead pleased because I could've lost more and took the necessary precautions to protect my investments by taking into account the warnings given.

I hadn't thought of this, but hearing Marc's opinion on the topic is very enlightening. I should learn how to make profit from those situations. I'll probably have to learn from you, lol :D

I had Byteball before, then I sold it all for SBD. I loved their text coins.

bull market is coming

Excellent video, you have done very good collaborations recently. I did not know Mark, but i can see he knows what he's talking about. I'm going to continue seeing the video.

Great interview section my friend and mentor. Your vlogs are always Educative and informative. Kudos. More grease to your elbow

Crypto correcting much stronger & faster than it should. Breaking my head whether to keep lowball bids up as I don't want to miss a buying opportunity. Then it dawned on me: Is crypto undervalued on Trololo his chart? Little quiz for my followers without looking at the chart!

we are still not out of bear market yet
with the introduction of SMT, this bear market might end completley then
great to see your videos,they are always fun

Oh interesting discussion, ive seen a video of Marc De Messel about Bitcoin hes really knowledgeable

Great interview man
You should do interview videos often, they seem much more interactive and fun.
Loved the video

I've been following your videos and I gotta say they are pretty good..
Informative and simple.
Off to the video then

Marc De Mesel is a great analyzer...
He thought is logical and effective .Thanks @louisthomas.. for taking a well
and effective markets interview...

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Interactive and interesting video interview you had with Marc De Mesel, it is more engaging and purposeful . Nice video interview @louisthomas

Thanks for your usual videos. Great knowledge I get

Really it s an awesome video..Very useful thanks for the share.

Louis you are miles ahead of everyone. I love it when you do people I watch.

i think the market is quite stabil now. soon we will see the bulls running. great video

nice vlog @louisthomas
thank you for sharing

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Nice collaboration with Marc who always has an interesting point of view. I kind of agree with him that the bear market is not done as "one green shoot of recovery does not a bull market make". It would be great to see a full fledged bull market but IMHO the trends do not point to that. Therefore in the current climate I would stick with the old favourites like BTC and ETH, NEO that have momentum and an established developer network behind them.

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Very good said about Bitcoin Cash and greet interview.Thanks for sharing with us

nice video follow you on youtube thanks for sharing

Thanks for your cryptocurrency news update providing..... I appreciate your video discussion.
keep it up my friend......

In this interview, we discuss a range of things including whether or not we're still in a bear market, Bitcoin Cash, Byteball, whether the stock market is topping, and what other investments he likes outside of cryptocurrencies.

I think its going to touch the stars soon. Crypto is gonna rock.

dont know why is he more interested in bcash
bitcoin is still best option and steem also

This is a good discussion point about bull and bear markets, however anyone who has an opinion can guess whether we are in a bull/bear market. When crypto projects start delivering on there promises, and proving themselves in the market, that is when we will begin to see a true bull market. Until then, all we can really do is speculate. I am excited for the future of cryptos as they gain more control in the market. Thanks for the video.

Agree. We need to see more functionality and less hype in the cryptosphere.

The implementation of the Casper FFG into the ethereum blockchain will drastically increased the price of ethereum . The Casper FFG implementation on ethereum blockchain will be used by alot of blockchain applications and programs. The price of ethereum will definately rise higher @louisthomas

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Great interview. It is really effective. Thanks for sharing such a great video.He is the great annalist. His channel also so popular.

I've been next your videos and I gotta disclose they are nice-looking good..
Informative and simple.
Off to the capture on film at that moment

Amongst other good points he reminds us that cryptocurrency is not the only investment opportunity. Ideally equities represent onwnership in the wealth creating entities within our societies. While Bitcoin and Gold and Silver may well appreciate in value for a number of valid reasons they do not primarily generate wealth. I think he is right. The fundamentals of the stock market are good. The length of the Bull market is a meaningless figure. Earnings are good, corporate debt is low and inflation is low. I see no reason yet, to abandon the market.

it's always nice to get some more information, Thank you for this upload :)

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Your videos are always helpful and full of knowledge. I am quite sure that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

Thanks for sharing , I appreciate it ❤

Wow this was so nice. Nicely Done I learnt a lot of things today.
You have done a great collaboration.
This efforts of yours is nice and I am looking forward for more from you sir.

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