HUGE YouTubers Joining Steemit/DTube - Bullish for Steem?

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

Over the past few weeks, a number of very popular YouTubers including the Hodge Twins & Anthony Fantano a.k.a The Needle Drop have joined Steemit and/or DTube.

This is a significant moment in the history of decentralised social media platforms. In this video I'll be discussing that and the potential impact this might have on the value of the Steem cryptocurrency too.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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Yeah, we haven't seen anything yet. So many more to come :)

Yeah I saw your post about Charisma on Command too. So exciting!

I thought you was going to mention @furiouspete123 also :)

Nice to see more popular bloggers join the decentralised communities of Steemit. Youtube is a little too restrictive with their anti-monetisation bot. Often innocent videos get de-monetised, and require manual approval.
Here is for competition that improves the quality of all providers! :)

I'm still not a fan of Steemit's interface and cluncky way of working and loading, but I love seeing the ppl making content to be rewarded (I have a podcast myself which earns me nothing). I'll follow you here and see if it works out. I like the idea.

Thank you!

Resteemed your post

Momentum and awareness is definitely building on Steemit. Feel good to be holding STEEM right now because of this. Long may it continue!

i think you post this twice

I agree, but can Steem handle this explosion of new users (bandwith, number of witnesses)? I still have laags on Dtube and Dsound where the video/music is not loading. We should get prepared for this stampede. 2018 will be awesome.

Cancel your Humble-Bundle and let´s buy a fixed amount of steem every month. Will be a nice challenge and investment, too!

I´m all in :)

The only thing that could be better is the interface of Steemit & Dtube

Wow its very nice i like it

That's only the first big wave of YouTubers starting to see the potential (financial and social) behind the crypto-world and Steemit in particular.
With the Crypto-Market re-stabilising and (apparently) going for a Bull Market, my expectations for 2018 couldn't be stronger. People, Community, This is OUR year (oh... and the one after... and all the others after!)
Keep your positivity ready and steady, and brace yourself for the Fake News trying to find a way to bash Steemit when it gets mainstream (they always find a way)

Hi Louis! very nice video, and it got me to invest in steem again! I even wrote a post about it. Keep up the good work!

Hey Louis,

Wanted to get your advice, I see you have significant steem power. Was this built up solely by creating and curating content? I have only been on steem 10 days, but while I have been active I am frustrated that I cannot support my followers and give back to the community, my steem power cannot even generate $0.01 of value per vote.

I appreciate it takes time to amass this power, but I am thinking about buying steem to enable me to contribute more to the platform and its future.

Would you advise this? I see people also rent steem power but I haven’t looked into the economics of it yet.

If everybody could push his favourites from the beginning, we had an inflation and would make steem worthless. Nothing wrong with buying some Steem (it´s also on Binance now) as you buy every other currency. And remember: Steem is also at a good position on Weiss Ratings. And if your vote is less worth than 0.01$ you need to wait for your steempower to recover (

Thanks, yep I’ve found that too, I got a bit trigger happy with the upvoting this week so reigning it in now. Will try to keep it above 80% every day from now on.

I’ve seen the Weiss ratings but don’t buy into them much, the company is not that reputable and has done some sketchy things in the past.

I think now is a good time to buy some steem!

I agree, it really feels like a bracket in the beginning...but give it a few month. Of course it´s more important to gain more users etc. than any rating. Good luck and steem on :)

According to my calculations, definitely buy. Renting delegation looks like a total waste of Steem.

Great stuff as always!

Another big YouTuber that just joined is @furiouspete123.

Also, he hasn’t joined DTube yet, but Steemit actually came up on Joe Rogan’s show yesterday:

Dsound works great but Dtube seems pretty glitchy. It's awesome we are getting these big names though. I think it will help boost adoption.


I've also seen a lot of "regular" YouTubers join the steemit platform. This is probably since they started seeing the monetary potential as well as the potential to branch out their brand/audience even further. So what does this mean for Steemit as a platform and community? What is almost certain is that those YouTubers will attract a percentage of their userbase onto Steemit (which is only beneficial to the platform going into the long term), heck we might even get a couple more whales as well. This influx of fresh users combined with the upcoming bull market has got me extremely excited.

Nice post....i gained a lot.....thank you show much....more power to your elbow

Bad news for youtube..Dtube will be soon the alternative of youtube..

Steemit is so huge opportunity for those with already existing following in Youtube etc. I can clearly see more and more big Youtubers and other social media influencers joining Steemit this year, since they can immediately gain a solid following here, right?

your post is very useful,
I also agree with all pendapa friends who are in your post comments

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It is entirely logical and predictable that content producers will migrate away from social networks that basically rip them off towards decentralised networks that value & reward both the content provider and the content consumer. I have never joined the "usual suspect" social medias because I dislike the way they appropriate the intellectual property of their users and effectively censor legitimate content for no good reason. Steemit is a refreshing change from this model and one that I am happy to be part of.

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Good stuff man. I see the Hodge Twins pending payouts at current currency values is actually around $3000 (in US Dollars)!

Very good have preferctly possible to prove it.I appreciate your video
Now pleople are working for only crypto.

I love your All post and
Resteemed your post

So nice i liks it

Great video. You are so right. I think Steemit can grow very fast

Been writing about Steem and hodling for close to 2 years now. I'd be happy if this even reaches 5% of twitter/fb :D

Thank you for bringing this point up about influencers coming over to Steemit and Dtube. As an influencer, I am new to Steemit. After spending a full night reading the steemit white paper and doing a thorough analysis on the white paper, I belive in it... It just seams best to take action, post, like comment and let the details fall into place.

I wonder if Steemit needs to speed up the on-boarding process in order to be able to handle the imminent stampede of new users?
I took a few weeks before i got an account.

The only real concern I think there is with this is the fact that there are potentially still too many content creators and not enough content consumers... With the coming of the mainstream YouTubers it will be interesting to see if their followings decide to convert and join Dtube.

hey my friend Steemian. I am new here and really would love to become part of this great community. Please, upvote and resteem my posts. I appreciate it a lot. Thank you!

Great news for the Steemit community! Mass adoption is inevitable if we slowly get more social media "whales" to adopt this platform and bring their followers along. Thanks for the post @louisthomas

I enjoy the younger mind set as it is very different from the old, however I do like some of the popular old timers that are also joining. I believe we will have far more when DTube gets better, supports it's users more and as someone said here also in the comments,the interface is better with Steemit.

It’s incredible how a 1.1 million subscribers channel with millions of views per month generates that low income.
With an average of 30 thousands views per video, I left youtube 6 months ago to go full Steem, best choice I could possibly make so far, I’m italian and the community is still not so big but we will grow.
There will be a big shift from centralized social media to Steem in the coming months/years.