How to Know WHEN to Invest in a Cryptocurrency

in cryptocurrency •  last year

In this video, I'll be discussing how to know WHEN is the best time for you to invest in a cryptocurrency that you like. Whether it's Bitcoin Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash or whatever else.

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Time importance for us.

Good video; I think you are right about getting on board even if its just getting your feet wet and dollar cost averaging is always a good strategy! Assuming we're talking about the more stable coins

I bought ETH at $360 after it fell from $400 and I thought it was a deal.
I would never see that price a again for months and even today it is still not over $300.

I once waited for Bitcoin to go down from $2800. It never went down again

Lesson there is just buy. If you believe these will rise eventually then better to buy now than have nothing on hand when prices rise