Am I Hopeful About the Future?

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Last week, some of you guys mentioned how some of my predictions around what I think the future will look like sounded quite bleak and dystopian. I thought it would be worth making a video sharing my thoughts on whether I'm actually optimistic about the future (or not).

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I hope that the cryptomarket is getting more mature so that certain altcoins like steem will be more independent from bitcoin.

My thoughts are about the future and the present." expect the best and prepare for the worst."


The same here. I like to think about the worst thing that could possibly arrive and usually I then realize that the monster in the cupboard is only a tiny cockroach.

Sometimes, I'm beginning to think bad things happening to one country is a opportunity for another. When America and the western countries were suffering. Many third world economies boomed after the commodities skyrocketed after the Housing bubble collapse

I think crypto currencies will boom more after the coming stock market collapse

I was hoping to be the 1st here if not on YT :(

Good video, thanks for the good content.