[dtube] Feeling Scared? Words of Encouragement for HODLers

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Back in February, Vijay Boyapati wrote a series of tweets sharing some positive words of encouragement for those who were concerned about Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market.

I feel like a lot of people could benefit from hearing these words once again, which is why I'll be sharing them in this video.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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simply put: HODL it!

on the other hand, only invest you are ready to lose...

Haha you look very *tired in that picture. Been one of your subs for a long time man, keep on HODLing!

Hahaha these markets take a toll on you, that's for sure!

Now it's quite hard time for steemit people and lot of "holders" when still bitcoin tend to drop as time goes on. Anyway good video, have good night.

Long term it is clear that crypto is going to be probably the biggest disruptive technology we have seen for a long long time. However i would personally caution against sustaining large losses. It is better to downsize a losing position, take a small loss, live to fight another day and reenter when market conditions are better. Somehow I do not think that we have seen the end of this bear market and it could get a lot worse before it begins to get better.

I hope so. It's been a pretty rough patch, but a lot of people wanted to get in at a low. Here's the low. The only problem with a low is the uncertainty of the future. There's a reason holding is rewarded.

Holding is definitely rewarded if you got in at the right price or if you are following a cost averaging methodology. We are definitely at a low but is it "the low" ? I am not so sure given the bear trend we have in place. I would not be surprised to see to see 6K USD or even 5K USD in the near future.

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Wow! Amazing video, this is Word of encouragement, am optimistics cryptos/bitcoin viable I can invest more of my assets on cryptos because the future is a brither one, thank you for this video is encouraging.

I'm scared? A bit. But since I invested money that I am willing to lose, I do not feel so stressed with this crash. There is no other option but to hold

It is scary, not because I don't want to lose the money, I'll be fine. It's more that I don't want to lose the dream and the fun of the whole thing...

I think we will see a lot of people who are “just in it for the money. Bitcoin’s growth has been completely unsustainable and anyone who thought otherwise has never been in a market before. With that being said, I honestly believe Cryptocurrency will disrupt every financial industry as we know it - in the short run we are overvalued, in the long run we are undervalued.
This is not the time to sell. That’s s is time to hold and if you can add to your portfolio.

Yet again, I'm in 100% agreement with you there Milano

Yeah, I can't walk away. I see too much potential. I can live without the money I put in. If it goes up 20x in the future and I pulled out, that would be much harder to live with.

I completely agree. We hit the bottom when everyone starts thinking it’s the end, it’s going zero. I think as well this process will last few more painful months. We should use this pain as a strength, more pain, more buy! There is no doubt in my mind that bitcoin is the financial future other than gold. Bitcoin and some other currencies that will survive will force financial institutions to adopt. Yes, he could be right, Bitcoin can eventually overtake gold’s market capitalization. However both are here to stay.

The total despair in the cryptocurrency subreddit gives me hope we might be reaching that point. Every dip is met by more and more people crying that the whole thing is over.

There's a lot of FUD going on, I don't know if the current international news have anything to do (petroyuan, North Korea...), let's see how the market performs, thanks for spreading some calm.

Of course there is no more reason to sell now than there was at the peaks if you are right about the eventual utility of BTC.
One thing puzzles me. In the stock market the length of cycle (bull-bear) has shortened considerably and that is especially true for the bear periods. Perhaps this is due to the facility with which investors can move in and out of the markets...certainly the cost of buying and selling is much less than in say 1980. Bear markets tend today to be brutal but short. Crypto currency is very different from equity I know, but I find it interesting that the predicted length of this bear is so long. I am not selling. But I am not buying until it is clear that BTC has important, widespread, utility. That may take a while, if it ever happens.

I'm still really bullish. The market might go down further, but the bottom will be hard to time. I'm still buying. I'm a foreigner living in Korea, so it's really difficult for me to buy crypto, but I use friends' accounts to buy whenever I have spare cash.

great video Louis ! People really need some encouragement right now. 👍

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Look a bit high don't ya Louis. Thought you'd stopped making this sort of content in favor of crypto related ;)

Thanks for the encouragement!

For me personally I first hand saw how many people sold their stocks during the 08 crisis only for the same stocks to recover and go beyond previous highs later. This experience has hardened me for the current dip.

Just a small road bump on a long highway.

Well maybe, but equity is different from crypto currency. Stocks represent ownership of companies that produce a product and generate wealth. Yes some companies go bankrupt and their shares become worthless but vaste majority do not. With Cryptocurrency , as Louis recently pointed out, the vaste majority will go to zero.
In "08" history told us that the market would go up. Some individual stocks would not but a " basket" of shares would. We do not have the same amount of historical record to help us in crypto currency markets. I hope you are right on your decision to "HODL", I am doing the same. However I am not sure the history of the equity market can be applied here.

hell scared...
no other option


I think as of now hodl is the best option. Hodlers are the best, they know the market and how it behaves. Great video though.

With the evolution of so many projects underway and coinbase adding erc-20 support i think the market is going to recover with adoption of those projects and the possibility to buy much more altcoins directly with fiat. Nice time to buy and be patient. Keep strong :)

I am long term optimistic, short term patient. I am intrigued that Steem has gone above SBD again though. I don't know what SBD will do long term now that it's no longer tethered to USD, but Steem I think has potential long term.

investation ??? I not only use all the intelligence I have, but also the intelligence I can borrow from others :Lol
Thanks for this D-tube @louisthomas

Vijay boyapati tweets are so amazing,thanks a lot.great work.

the best time to buy was years ago, the next best time is now; always HODL; don't try to time the market. And now you know why! Stop worrying, don't put in more than you can afford, spread your investments, and you can just sit back and see the price rise.

Yeah, I think scared is a pretty apt description!

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