Is there a principle in the house?

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As an ancient, to me, the design pattern for conflict is old and tired. Why so?

Surely history is worth something? Or the war of the roses or the great houses of GoT! The rise and fall of Rome, repeated daily on Fox. Power matters and no matter the words, raw force lurks like the kraken beneath the waves of twitter and chatter and redder.
What shocks is, the warriors for Bitcoin truth and light fight for an ever shrinking pie. Yes, the pie receives more pastry with every new entrant, but where's the beef? The hunter eats, but the farmer cannot gather, cannot grow.

Both sides of the current skirmish are guilty of the same scrap over breadcrumbs. We small block because, ya know the herd might fork, complicated, and fees! We big block, our spreadsheets so heavy and complicated, and, ya know, the fees!


Is there a warrior that serves a community? Ronin, the lotta ya. Ye Provinces of altCoins are no better, scrapping while the Emperor distracts.

Take no comfort, blind followers, that Satoshi the gift giver is to blame - a consensus that ensured the security of the beast. But so hungry! Maidens and champions alike, consumed to the false god, the sacrifice at the chain. The satoshii, scattered to the winds, ships that died of shame, waifs hidden in embarrassment, I wouldn't be one o them for all the rice in China.

Leaving you, the beast to feed to become to devour to be. You, cryptonauts y'all, you've become the beast you despised - the bubbles the inflation the deflation the robbery the politics the soap the pump the hollywood the dump the fox.

Are you in it? You are it.


And so you are revealed - human you. Is there a one among you that can reveal the principle of your actions? One that can inspire and draw? Can you bring your new pattern of anti-conflict to us?

I thought not. Bye! Buy? BUY!

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nice post @lordguan

I have a principle for you, the Reduce Aggression Principle:
Resteemed and a 5 Steem tip -- but not upvoting till n squared is flattened.

What comes to mind.
Educate Yourself
Invest Within Your Means.
Set Achievable Goals. Stick to your long-term goals.
Learn from Your Mistakes.
Don't Panic.
Then again there's always Illegal Tender

Can you tell me the source of the comics you used in your post? They are Great!