Why I'm going all in on EOS

in cryptocurrency •  3 months ago

I've finally decided to post on STEEMIT!

I constantly ask myself when am I going to start posting on Steemit, and every time I asked myself that question I found an excuse not to. What I noticed is that there is such a large amount of content on this platform that I don't need to be the biggest professional or most knowledgeable, I just have to start. So here it is!

Last week I recorded a video about why I'm going all in on EOS and it seemed to get some love from the community. I touch on some of the features of the project and also what I look forward to.

(SPOILER: I'm not ALL in on EOS)

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I entirely agree about the strength and appeal of EOS. The more I have used it, the more I have come to appreciate its speed, versatility and management of resources to ensure access for all users. You won’t see something like CryptoKitties blowing up transaction costs or times.

I also like the dApps being developed for EOS. My favorite so far is Chintai. The ability to lease EOS while still maintaining ownership means that hodlers can generate more EOS over time, and developers have short term access to large amounts of EOS in order to deploy dApps.


I agree 100%. EOS is a crypto that truly gives ownership to token holders, and that ownership is not only currency it's also a resource. I'm excited to see the future developments!