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RE: IOTA: First Cryptocurrency WITHOUT A Blockchain Launches, Jumps To 6th Highest Marketcap In 1 Day!

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Its funny to see how those promo videos make these ICO's look like the next big thing and just raise Millions just because people don't want to miss out and the big fish know they can make a quick few dollars. I am very positive about most crypto's but keep in mind that a lot of them will be worth close to nothing within a few years. Others might be 400% higher at the end of the year so just diversify!


In the intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham, he explains a similar situation happening in the stockmarkets always before a crash, just with initial stock offerings. Maybe another sign to really think about where you invest currently.

Main difference between IPO and an ICO mainly is that ICO's just have a positive whitepaper and then you need to hope that they actually do what they say and become a successful company. With an IPO on the mayor stock markets its a company that has a proven track record and already is generating a certain amount of revenue/profit. I wonder how many companies that are having ICO's now will be there in 4-5 years.

Yeah very few I should think, give a bunch of computer programmers millions of dollars and see what happens next, thats the real experiment behind ICOs!

Well a lot could go to VC's and acquire money but would all get the same amount of money as they are getting through the ICO's? Some might but some definitely will not lol.

I think VCs want a bit more than a website and a whitepaper, Im a cyrypto-dinosaur though, I look back to "the good old days"

Yes, they want a lot more, they might want to restructure the whole organization. But plenty of ICO's would succeed in getting funds from VCs

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