Tezos Developer Resources Initiative

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As a developer, resources that make ease of development for new platforms is extremely useful. Unfortunately for Tezos, the current resources are sparse, and there is no central collection of them. Tezos is an incredibly promising platform, and I backed the ICO so it is important to me that resources for this platform exist.

As such, I have begun collecting existing resources, and working on my own. For existing resources, I'm storing them in this repository. Included are links to tutorials, documentation, and more! There are currently two ways to program contracts on Tezos, using the interpreter Michelson, and Liquidity, which compiles following all specifications in the Michelson interpreter. As I learn these languages, I will be posting example code.

As far as I can tell, there are no implementations for consuming the Tezos RPC API in Golang. So I've begun work on parsing the RPC API, and implementing them in a Golang API which can be seen here. Contributions to these repositories will be gladly merged in.

Overtime I hop to aggregate all major resources into the aforementioned Repositories to help spur innovation for the Tezos blockchain! Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post, an upvote, and resteem would be greatly appreciated!


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