IUNO Airdrop 25 Units

in cryptocurrency •  2 months ago

IUNO is a banking ecosystem based on asset-backed tokens issued on a blockchain. This ecosystem includes payment gateways for ecommerce providers and banking services1 for participants. The tokens will be backed 100% by their respective Fiat currency counterparts to ensure value stability and predictably as a main driver for adoption in a wide range of industries.

IUNO is airdropping 50 IUNIT (~ $10) to max 20,000 participants. Participate in our exclusive airdrop and complete all the required tasks to receive the tokens. Also get 25 IUNIT (~ $5) for every referral.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Join IUNO Telegram group and Airdrops.io Telegram channel.
  2. Follow IUNO on Twitter and Airdrops.io on Twitter.
  3. Fill out the airdrop form with your details.
  4. You will receive 50 IUNIT (~$10) tokens.
  5. Also get 25 IUNIT (~ $5) tokens for every referral. (uncapped referral system)
  6. Check your referral balance using the form below.
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