As Ledger Nano S is 3rd party I suggest asking in their forums or checking through manuals @limbodrones on how to access the private keys. If you have any issues you should ask for advice in the slack channel for NVO as they may be able to help as well.

I think it would have been easier if NVO said about using a counterwallet btc address from the start.

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yeah like I said it was confusing. Dumb mistake. But with a ledger, you do control your own private keys. But there's no way I will enter my private key in counterwallet. As that would compromise security big time.
I can see the NVST on so I guess it's ok. Just wait for their wallet. I do think it's weird they don't send us any news update though. nothing on their website.

Maybe, maybe not. One option is to empty that address, sending it to another address. Again may want to hold 0.01 btc so that can do the transfers though I suspect it would be much less. Then freeze that address. Clients such as Electrum can do this by right clicking the address and pressing Freeze. This means you can't access the coins there as you have moved them and as the address is frozen won't use it.

Always best to have a unique address use for specific purposes - just a good damage limitation.

As the token is a CounterWallet token then obviously the whole trust is within the CounterWallet system. Is there risks there, yes, but I think an even bigger risk is any viruses or malware on your computer. Best to make sure a virus check done and your system clean.

Whether NVO wallet or any other wallet, there will always be risks. In fact bitcoin itself is a risk as we never know if the whole system may just fall apart - though there is some faith in the system as its been used for a while and so far so good!

Best thing to do with staying up to date is joining the slack channel to get updates on the project. Any important updates are emailed across. I think slack is an almost upgrade to what email is, but both as an investor and head of a marketing and systems company, we are staying close with the NVO team to help them in ways that is difficult for them to do at this time. Just be patient with them. Remember NVO is pretty much made up of its founder and its initial programmers and so the team is stretched for time.

I look forward to helping the NVO team and thanks for reaching out, because helps us at TAM look at what everyone needs right now, and be able to help the NVO team focus on what they do best. Obviously it is up to the NVO team how they decide to move forward in the future, but we are here for them and over the next weeks and months ahead, hope we can help them in realizing their full potential for the project @limbodrones

Follow and stay tuned. Will have another guide for those having issues with CounterWallet import function.

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great @kozan nice support !!!