Bad news - Nvidia Officially Withdraws from Crypto Mining Equipment Production


Hello Guys, I guess the current dump of cryptocurrencies has affected a company that produces GPU for mining.

Nvidia, the computer technology company that produces GPUs and other gaming equipment, has announced that it is no longer planning to manufacture any GPUs specifically for crypto mining. CEO Colette Kress has stated that since the company’s $100M revenue goal through mining products was not met, Nvidia expects a negligible contribution in the future.

Market experts point out that demand for mining equipment has never slacked even through bearish market conditions, as Bitmain and Canaan continue to post profits. However, GPUs are considered relatively inefficient to ASICs, making them less attractive to miners.


@lifeofdarlington, Keeping you informed.

Thanks for the heads up. Wonder if they are going to wait for a crypto rally.

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