Introduction To Libra Ecosystem - A Revolutionary Crypto Platform for Ecommerce


Libra Ecosystem is a blockchain platform designed with the aim to help e-commerce businesses and industries solve their existing problems and boost growth through its state-of-the-art solutions & services. The ecosystem comprises a series of solutions, including a robust digital payment system to allow users to perform e-commerce transactions in a completely secure and instant manner. At the same time, it helps e-commerce vendors and platforms generate more revenue through the use of blockchain-based advanced solutions.

Introduction - What is Libra Ecosystem?

Even though the e-commerce industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past couple of years, there are still many problems that the industry struggles with. These include limited reach, complicated & limited payment options, lack of security, funding problems, and others.

The Libra Ecosystem with the help of blockchain and other advanced technologies aims to help e-commerce businesses boost their growth and find solutions to existing problems in the following ways:

  • Easy access to finance/funding for small businesses;
  • Fast and low-cost transactions;
  • Allow users to interact directly with the brand, removing intermediaries and reducing cost;
  • Transform and simplify the investment cycle and provide a comprehensive investment solution to businesses.
The Libra Ecosystem uses decentralization as the basic technology for transactions, thus ensuring complete data security and low cost of transactions.

Libra Coin - Libra Payment Solution

Besides the blockchain, the ecosystem also has its own wallets, called Libra Wallets, and a native cryptocurrency, called the Libra coin. The Libra Coin is an ERC-20 coin that can be used by the platform users for performing fast, p2p cross-border transactions such as payments and money transfer. In addition to the Libra Coin, the Libra Ecosystem also supports multiple other payment options, including all Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies.

The Libra Coin is to be treated as a digital asset whose value is based on its underlying assets, properties, and/or associated rights. The Libra Ecosystem provides a secure, fast and hassle-free method of global, digital payments.

The Libra Payment System, governed by the Libra Coin and including other payment options, can be added directly to any existing e-commerce model using the guidance and resources of the Libra Ecosystem.

Libra Products

The Libra Ecosystem comprises a range of advanced solutions and tools to support and benefit the platform users and keep the ecosystem sustainable, synchronized and secure for a long time. These include the Libra Blockchain, Financial Apps, Libra Micro-financing Solution, Libra Smart Point-of-sale (PoS) Solution, Libra Loyalty Program, Libra Mobile Wallet, Libra Secure API Integration Platform, Libra E-commerce Solution, and Libra Cash Management Solution.

The complete details of the Libra Ecosystem, the Libra Coin, wallets, and futuristic products are also available in the official whitepaper of the Libra Ecosystem. You can also read the whitepaper to know about the future plans, business models, scope, user benefits, roadmap, etc. of the Libra Ecosystem.

The Libra Ecosystem, along with its powerful digital payment system Libra Coin, provides businesses with a convenient and low-cost method for raising funds and streamlining their business processes.

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