Who Has My Data and What Are They Doing with It?

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0_G4Kj5Sq4WJpw9272_.jpgPut simply, data is information, and when we refer to personal data we are talking about information that is specific to you, for example your location, age, gender and other identifying details. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google collect this information and it is then used by advertisers to target you with campaigns, which reflect your interests.

Liberdy is a new initiative that enables users to reclaim their data and receive payment for its use. On the Liberdy platform, your data is aggregated, for de-personalization, stored, and then sold to advertisers, while you reap the rewards. The brands who purchase the data, are not buying information about Jane Smith from London. Rather, they are purchasing non-identifying information. Liberdy will not share with the advertiser that you are a female age 20-25. Instead we will indicate that a user associated with the segment “Female Age 20-25” is currently browsing a certain site so it is time to show her the relevant ad that targets this demographic.

When you share your personal data with companies you help advertisers to provide you with personalized content that is more relevant, and so of greater interest to you. In addition, you are helping to develop the existing digital advertising economy. Liberdy is disrupting the entire ad industry by ensuring that for the first time, you can become an equal partner in this ecosystem.
Data is key to the success of any marketing operation. In 2017 alone, the size of the global digital ad spending market is expected to have reached 228 billion dollars, representing 19% growth over the previous year. In 2018, it is anticipated to reach 266 billion dollars. We are now living in a digital age, including an electronic economy, and using accurate data is the fastest way to perfect the functionality of any business that uses it.

The primary value of the Liberdy platform is that it allows for data to finally be treated as a commodity. Liberdy is offering you the opportunity to get paid every time someone uses the accumulated data which includes your personal information.

By combining the power of blockchain technology with new EU regulation, the GDPR bill, Liberdy has created a, transparent, and much fairer permission-based digital advertising economy. The GDPR states that the user is the rightful owner of their data, and all online companies gathering user information must make a free, electronic copy available. Liberdy extracts the data to our decentralized data management platform and then you can manage your data via our app, which extracts, verifies and uploads your information. By reclaiming your personal information, you can therefore leverage the power of the data which is so critical to the success of any online business.

While data in its many forms has always existed, we are entering a new era. In today’s digital world, your data is out there whatever you do, but for the first time ever, you get to receive a share of the profits.

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