"Netcoin" Currency Designed For You And The Net

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I have always been a big fan of POS coins and this makes more sense especially where we stand at the moment. BTC has evolved over a period of time and as Cryptos makes its way to masses, more and more people tend to bend their way towards mining. However, not everyone is aware that mining at the moment calls in for some good investment. Also, with the change in the scripts and difficulty level, earning from mining continues to be a challenge.

Having said that, it's good to know that there are alternatives to h/w mining which do not require expensive equipment or a huge investment. Thanks to POS(Proof of Stake) which helps the users to participate in virtual mining even with their low-end machines.

One such POS coin that I have been following for quite sometime is called "Netcoin". Netcoin is a global cryptocurrency that was created in September, 2013. Originally based on litecoin’s coin core, it has since been developed and upgraded to include custom coin code making it unique from every other crypto. Every coin has an algorithm (or put another way, its base code). Netcoin is a scrypt Proof of Work / Proof of Stake hybrid.

Some of the core features of this coin are-

  1. Security - We all worry about the safety of our money and Netcoin ensures that your money is fully secure and always available 24x7.

  2. PIR - Also called as personal investment rate, with Netcoin you can earn upto 10% interest by simply being part of the network.

  3. Fast Transfer - Everyone needs to send and receive money with blazing speed and this coins does that for you. Funds are transferred with seconds over it's network.

  4. Safe Transactions - You are the owner here. To send and receive funds you do not have to stand in a queue or seek anyone's approval. Like they says "it's you, your money and you know what to do with it".

Having said that, I would like to say this is one of my favorite POS coin.

For more info please visit the following sites-

Official Portal - http://netcoin.io/
CoinMarketCap - https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/netcoin/


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Great.. And I am doing mining too .. Awesome gain too :)


Glad to hear that. Thank you for your comment.