XPCoin. (Getting more peers by portforwarding)

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

Hi Guys,

A small piece of guidance on how to port forward the ports on your router so you can get connected to more peers.
this limits the amount of orphan blocks you get and will improve staking as you can connect to more of the network to send the block you forged and receive blocks that others have forged

A good site to go through this is https://portforward.com/router.htm

To start you will need to find the router model you own. the guides on this site should show you all the steps. the info you will need to know is the port number. The port you'll need to unblock for xp coin is 28192.

If anyone has any issues please reply to this thread and ill help where i can. as users start to open the node up to the net it will help the network connect to more outgoing peers.

A big thank you to all those who are helping support this project


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Thanks @lexicon for letting us know :)

Im an old DC++ and .torrent user, so this is nothing new to me in that respect but I never thought about it effecting me staking,

Thanks for pointing out a new way to see something. :)