XP For Binance - Level Up?

in cryptocurrency •  10 months ago

Hi Guys,

Today the voting has started for listing on Binance for community coin.

So far we are off to a head start with 62% of votes. a large jp community 25-30k discord users. growing in number by 2 users every minute.

So lets make this a reality and vote for xp to get listed on binance https://www.binance.com/vote.html.

insight into the community


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XRB will win now, not XP...it is sad

Nice post, Lex.

I've been following XP for a while and pretty quick I realized what a gem of a coin XP is. The sheer size of the community is mind-blowing (I'd love for you to tell me how you did it, but that's for some other day).

I truly hope XP makes it and I encourage all the supporters to go vote for it.

Regardless of the outcome XP is a winner to me.


I like to follow XP and they have my vote


i like too


How do i get involved with XP?


Only exchange I know of that takes XP on is CoinExchange, maybe a good sign considering if it makes it on a big exchange it will skyrocket!

XP is cheating using their discord channel just like how Zcoin beat Vertcoin because of the same thing. I dearly hope Raiblocks can prevail it definitely deserves the spot the most. The only coin that can send in 1 second with 0 fees every time, that is what satoshi wanted for bitcoin. XP is paying people for votes which is ridiculous and unprofessional.


couldn't be more false.

saw some disgusting activity in our discord. apparently XRB users were plotting to raid our discord and spread fud. this behaviour is pretty vile. and not something i would do to another coin.

each coin has its purpose XRB is different to XP but shouldn't give you the right to go out and target another project to cause mistrust and cause fear.

think about how that makes the community look. it's embarrassing considering the vote is for community coin.

Saw 1 user get banned for mentioning that the coins are different he holds both and doesnt want this fudd.


I agree with Lexicon and don't want to give bad impression. We are still in the learning stage for beginners.


Well said man. i Also think so. Carry on @lexicon


Could not agree more. It is ridiculous seeing Raiblocks in the top 20 with only a couple lesser known exchanges. Really looking forward to XRB being more available soon.


WOW. Blames fud is that what Raiblocks is all about ? Its a shame.
Proof who is paying who


Interesting, i will look into this a bit more first though.

Are you the same one that wrote that without MSP he would have left STEEM?
Do you know a decentralized currency which is all of the below:

  1. inflation proof like BTC, LTC, BCH,XZC
    2.not proof of work unlike BTC, LTC, BCH, XZC

I never found any such currency.
If you know about such a currency, I would also love to know about its safety policy/algorithm, fees policy, privacy/transparency policy, transaction speed, scalability, premine history, minability or lack of it and other issues.

Good thing RaiBlocks (XRB) is going to be next

I look forward to its good results

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Awesome if we get in Binance(which we will) then it will be XP road to Mars... I like the organic growth. ^^^

Better to grow the same organic :)

Where can you buy XP?



It’s a new DEX! Trending hard on google trends

I hope Reddcoins rockets its ass to binance for me to trade!!! LOVE THE WHITE PAPER.

The Ref System of Binance Is Just Amazing

I never knee this was the process involved in listing a coin on an exchange. Is this voting procedure only for binance or is the norm for getting a coin listed for all exchanges?

Goo go go XP futures

This post hardly has much content, barely any information other than telling is to vote for something which is not explained.

Yet you have so much comments and following, likes.

I just came back on steemit and phew what a struggle this is. Can you help out please?

And also explain to me about XP coin.

Many thanks Lex.


all details you can find about XP or any other crypto currencies.
Good luck trading

XP to the moon! ;-D

Just joined the mining pool for XP.

Guys can we stop with all the fighting. I believe Binance will add both XP and XRB because of the number of votes they have.

I love when something new comes into Binance makes it easier to buy for sure!

Big up mad lex

Just started to follow xp and looking into it a bit more. Thanks.

Well I was sort of hoping for steem, but this is the (next) best thing.


Honestly, I'm super excited to have Raiblocks. I am looking forward to XRB finally being listed on a reputable exchange.

I agree with you bro! good post.

I want either XP or Steem added. Ive been looking to buy some XP so maybe XP this round

yesterday i buy xp coin at coinExchage . gazua xp coin 1dollar gogogogogogogo

Good post👍 followed and upvote you hope you will do same for me😊

Nice post! I follow you! =)

Nice post i agree with you

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you follow me and i will follow you.

I'm hearing this Binance from everywhere. It seems this thing is really interesting.

Good Luck!

Hi please undertand for being a newbie.I clearly understand much of the used in here but one thing im sure of is that could help us make more income. Could you please help me. Thank you.


If you want to start trading, start by trading in one of the best site out there Binance

site https://www.binance.com/?ref=15130950

voting ends - result is RiaBlock (XRB) is the winner 53.57% votes ,followed by XP 28.70% votes

please follow me as I am brand new. Thank you!

I hope Reddcoins rockets its ass to binance for me to trade!!! LOVE THE WHITE PAPER.


lol, should have put a copyright in my post.

How to i get ?

nice post tanx so so so much

damn XRB really stole the show

Hi Can someone please tell me a good exchange to buy XP on. I tried all the ones on the XP website and not one of them worked. I have a apple computer. Anyone else having this issue?

Excellent post :D Follow me and vote please :)

Good job on promoting this vote on Steemit!

XP will be traded on a bunch of new exchanges by February 1. Stock up while you can!!!

nıce post and very strange blog thank you